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We all know that HeroesCon is a great annual event–But did you know there is much more to HeroesCon than the Comic Vendors and the Artist Alley?  Just above the convention floor there is additional world of fun, excitement and informative discussion.  Each year we offer over 50 Panel events up in the 2nd floor Meeting Rooms.

The 2nd Floor is a great place to take a short break from the hustle and bustle. It is an oasis where a weary conventioneer can have a seat, lay down those bulging shopping bags down for an hour or two, rest those weary feet & shoulders and sample some great comics’ conversations.

The majority of these Panel Events fall into four categories: Contests, The SCAD Workshops, Presentations and Panels .

Contests: Have you been to the QuickDraw?  If so, you know what all the fuss is about.  If not, boy, are you missing out.  Amateur artists are given pencil, Bristol board and exactly 20 minutes to create their masterpiece.  The submissions are reviewed and judged by the Faculty of SCAD and the winners receive art supplies! You can actually feel the excitement in the room.  And here is the best part—we have a Quick Draw every day of the convention and anyone of any age can participate!!

SCAD Workshops: Each year, the faculty from SCAD hosts 3 classrooms per day where any HeroesCon Convention goer is welcome to sit in and see what kind of curriculum SCAD offers. They have held classes in Storytelling, Animation, Inking, Comic Sculpture and Coloring.  Every year SCAD provides an exciting mix of instruction and enlightenment (and they’re a lot of fun too!).

Presentations: HeroesCon hosts The Annual Inkblot Awards for excellence in the art of Inking.  We have an annual Cosplay Costume Show.  We’ve shown short films—The Irwin Hasen Documentary and The Joe Simon Story. We’ve had Frank Cho Draws Sexy Women, How to Create a Comic with Adam Withers and Comfort Love, Laura Martin’s Coloring Forum.  We’ve had Live PodcastsMark Waid and George Perez discussed Brave and The Bold—Panel by Panel. (We didn’t get very far, but it was great!) The variety is endless, a few years ago, we had a band called Kirby Krackle perform their music live!!

Panel Discussions and Interviews:  When it comes to the Panels, our goal is to provide something for everyone regardless of their taste in comics.  The All-ages Panel, The Humor in Comics Panel and The Newspaper Strip Panel are annual main-stays.  Each year we have an Inking Panel featuring some of the top inkers in the field.  We’ve also had numerous group interviews that focused on The Art of the Comic Book Cover. We’ve had one-on-one interviews with Stan Lee, Warren Ellis, Mike Mignola and Matt Fraction. We’ve had Comic Discussion Groups where we’ve sat down with a creator to discuss—in detail—their favorite books: Bill Willingham on Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, Darwyn Cooke on Parker: The OutfitJaime Hernandez on Love and Rockets: New Stories, Scott Snyder on Batman: Dark Mirror, Skottie Young on OZ and many others including a panel of nine (9!!!) of the creators from Wednesday Comics together for one epic talk.

So what it comes down to is this–What do you want to see? Take a look at the list of Scheduled Artists and let us know whom you’d like to see interviewed.  What books would you like to discuss?  What Panels would you like to see? This is YOUR convention.  We want you to get as much out of it as possible!!

Feel free to respond on this site.  As the weeks fly by and additions to the guest-list are announced, don’t hesitate to make a suggestion or two to me, Andy Mansell.  I can be reached at [email protected].  We can’t make any guarantees, but every suggestion will be considered.

And thanks again for being part of HeroesCon 2013—I can’t wait!!!!




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The time has come once again to rally the troops for the most action packed weekend of our entire year. HeroesCon 2013 is coming up fast and we can’t do it without the invaluable contributions of our volunteers.

Eventbrite - HeroesCon 2013 Volunteer

If you’ve ever wanted to get involved with the machine behind the scenes at your favorite comic convention or are looking
for an opportunity to enhance your weekend, consider signing on to our team! Offer any time that you think you can spare and help us make this year’s HeroesCon the best yet.

In 2013, the room is going to be the largest we have ever had, so the number of volunteers we need has grown as well!

To volunteer for Heroes Convention 2013, just click the link below to fill out the volunteer form. If you have volunteered in the past or have already contacted us about volunteering this year, we will still need for you to fill out the form. This way we can have accurate contact info for everyone as well as confirmation that you will be joining us this year.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Eventbrite - HeroesCon 2013 Volunteer

Please list days/times you are available to volunteer: Friday, June 7: 7am – 12am; Saturday, June 8: 7am – 12am; Sunday June 9: 9am – 8pm: *



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Are you ready for some HeroesCon 2013 news? Let’s get to it! HeroesCon 2013 will be our biggest and best show yet. We’ve announced a few of our fantastic guests here.

3-Day Passes are on sale now. If you order before the end of 2012 you will save almost 50% off the regular price for daily admission at the door. So order today to make sure you get that sweet discount!


We’ve also made Artists Alley tables available, these are first-come-first-served and they usually go fast! Reserve your space today!


Sign up for the Heroes Hotline (our twice-a-week newsletter) and check our blog frequently for more announcements and details about HeroesCon 2013! Follow on Twitter and like us on Facebook and we will make sure you are in the loop!  Thanks!


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