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Labor Day Anniversary Sale!

Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find is celebrating 40 YEARS in business this year and Labor Day weekend will mark our 3 YEAR Anniversary #UnderTheWaterTower!

What better way to celebrate than with a HUGE Warehouse *DOLLAR COMICS* Sale?!
Come help us celebrate this coming Labor Day weekend!
Saturday, September 5: 10AM-DARK
Sunday, September 6: 10AM-6PM
Monday, September 7: 10AM-7PM

Heroes Operations Manager, Seth, has been working NON-STOP over the past months curating and organizing one of our best stocks of DOLLAR COMICS in years!

Starting on Saturday, September 5 at 10am, we will have OVER 100 LONG BOXES OF DOLLAR COMICS for your shopping pleasure!! This stock is 100% organized and in order, so be sure to bring those want list to fill-in your collection!

We will also be offering the option to FILL A LONG BOX on all three days! A comics long box can hold around 350 individual comics, so it’s a great way to get even MORE bang for your buck!

Saturday, September 5: $200
Sunday, September 6: $150
Monday, September 7: $100

Our Labor Day Sale will take place OUTSIDE in the area behind our store. All Employees and Customers will be required to wear a mask (one can be provided if necessary), even though the event is outdoors. We will be limiting the number of people shopping at a time to allow for safe social distancing as an extra precaution. Additional safety measures may be implemented in an effort to make this event as safe as physically possible. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we do our best to make sure that everyone stays safe and healthy!



Like 99% of 2020’s regularly scheduled events, the pandemic forced the cancellation of this year’s “Free Comic Book Day” event which would have been held on the first Saturday in May.
Once printing and production resumed, in late June, this year’s Free Comic Book Day books began shipping a few titles a week. Instead of releasing those books a few at a time over the course of months, we decided to hold our books until Labor Day so that we could make them all available during our Anniversary Sale! There will still be some Free Comic Book Day titles that won’t ship until after Labor Day, but this will be the bulk of this years selections. Please keep in mind that, while you are more than welcome to pick up multiple FCBD titles, quantities are limited. We will limit all available titles to no more than ONE PER-CUSTOMER in order to ensure that as many customers benefit as possible!

We hope to see you there!! 


Leave a comment below, call us at 704-375-7462 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions!




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YARD SALE 9-8-18 (3)

Thanks to all who¬†joined us for last weekend’s Heroes Warehouse Sale! We appreciate all of you who fought the heat (some of you for hours on end!) to dig through our sale¬†stocks. We know many of you were traveling for the holiday and couldn’t make it. While we hope you enjoyed the holiday, we also feel bad that some of you missed out on the sale, so we decided to throw a sequel of sorts – this very weekend! While there will be a few comics and trade paperbacks to dig through, there will be many other kinds of things to shop for, including furniture, art, frames and framed art, toys, glassware and mugs, bookshelves, dishes, lamps, dvds¬†knicks and knacks, and much more!

Join us this Saturday from ‘very early’ to ‘very late’ and Sunday from¬†‘pretty early’ to ‘kinda late’ for Shelton’s Yard Sale/Heroes Warehouse Sale (part¬†II)! Like last weekend, this sale will take place¬†under a big tent behind our shop. Come pick through some of Shelton’s non-comic collections and take advantage of some crazy deals. In doing so, you’ll also be helping us make room for even more comics in our new warehouse!

image_123986672image_123986672 (2)image_123986672 (1)
Anyone who makes a purchase from the yard sale will get a coupon for an immediate discount on any same day in-store purchase you make. Non-reserve customers will get 10% off any new comic or trade paperback purchases, and reserve customers will get 25% off all new comics and trade paperback purchases if everything is purchased from your reserve bag. This is a great opportunity to clear out your reserve bag for an extra discount! Consider this the first of many Pop Up sales we hope to offer our customers. Make sure you sign up for our weekly newsletters and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You never know when our next pop up sale will be announced!

Shelton corner box art by Bridgit Connell





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This Labor Day weekend will mark the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Heroes opening in our new location at 417 Pecan Avenue! It’s hard to believe that what is now our new store was once our WAREHOUSE, and what¬†better way to celebrate our anniversary than by throwing a¬† THREE-DAY WAREHOUSE SALE!

Back¬†in 2013 we sold a staggering¬†300 long boxes, and over 100,000 comics, in just FOUR DAYS at¬†our first official Warehouse Sale! To celebrate our first year in our new home #UnderTheWaterTower,¬†we are¬†once again¬†purging our¬†overstock of¬†nearly 100 long boxes and selling them at CAN’T-MISS¬†PRICES!!

Labor Day Anniversary Sale

We will¬†offer extended hours on Saturday, September 1st from 10am-10pm and Sunday, September 2nd from 10am-6pm. Be sure to join us on LABOR DAY Monday from 10am-6pm when all sale books will be reduced to just 25¬Ę!! Prices will start at $1 on Saturday and drop each day but, for the best selection,¬†we hope to see you on Saturday!

Black Hammer Vol 1Speaking of “Blasts from the Past”, Saturday, September 1st at 2pm will mark the return of the¬†HEROES DISCUSSION GROUP!
Our¬†first discussion group¬†since 2012 will find Heroes’ own Andrew Mansell and Samuel Reynolds-Oosting leading the talk as we¬†probe the depths of the Dark Horse hit¬†BLACK HAMMER VOL. 1¬†from writer Jeff Lemire, artist Dean Ormston and colorist Dave Stewart! We welcome any and all to join the discussion group, so if you are a fan of BLACK HAMMER like we are, please feel free to join us on Saturday, September 1st during the sale!





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“Why don’t you guys ever have a warehouse sale?” ¬†It’s something we’ve heard from countless customers over the years, and it’s finally happening over Labor Day weekend! ¬†The sale will take place over four days from Friday, August 30 – Monday, September 2.

“What exactly makes this a warehouse sale?” ¬†As you know, we buy comic collections all the time, and we’ve bought so many in recent years that we just don’t have the space to keep them anymore. ¬†With multiple warehouses overflowing, it’s time to let our customers pick through what we’ve accumulated.

“What can I expect to find at the sale?” ¬†For starters, we’ll have nearly 100,000 comics under tents in front of the store ready for you to dig through. ¬†Do the math – that’s nearly 300 long boxes of comics! ¬†As the sale goes on prices will get lower, but the selection will be smaller.¬†We’ll have big deals right from the start, but as usual, the more you buy, the cheaper the cost. ¬†We’ll also have a plethora of trade paperbacks on sale, reduced prices on HeroesCon prints through the years, and more!

“What are the hours for the sale?” ¬†It will officially kick off Friday evening around 6 p.m. and go until MIDNIGHT! ¬†Saturday it will begin at our normal opening hour of 10 a.m. and go until MIDNIGHT! ¬†Sunday we’ll open three hours early at 10 a.m. and go until MIDNIGHT! And Monday, we’ll open at 10 a.m. and go until dark, or until everything’s gone, whichever comes first.

We’ve had lots of sales over the years, but trust me – you’ve never seen one this big. ¬†Start getting your back issue list together and get ready for this gargantuan event!

Just for the sake of reminding you, here are the times for the sale:

Friday, August 30: 6 p.m. – MIDNIGHT

Saturday, August 31: 10 a.m. – MIDNIGHT

Sunday, September 1: 10 a.m. – MIDNIGHT

Monday, September 2: 10 a.m. – DARK (or until everything’s gone!)

Come celebrate the holiday with us, and pick up some great deals in the process!  See you Labor Day weekend!



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