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TASCHEN + MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT Launches AVENGERS Vol. 1 1963–1965 – Created with photos from Shelton’s personal collection!

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TASCHEN and Marvel Entertainment Announce ‘The Marvel Comics Library’;

AVENGERS Vol. 1. 1963–1965

Famous First Edition: First printing of 5,000 numbered copies

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Assembling the definitive Marvel Age Avengers anthology

By early 1963 the foundations of the Marvel Universe had been laid. Following the introduction of the Fantastic Four in 1961 came the amazing (Spider-Man), the astonishing (Ant-Man), the strange (Doctor, that is), the incredible (Hulk), the invincible (Iron Man) and the mighty (Thor). Still, Marvel editor in chief Stan Lee realized something was missing. “I was writing these characters and I thought it would fun to put them together in a team,” he recalled. So Lee and artist Jack Kirby assembled Iron Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Thor, and the Hulk to create the Avengers.

Right away it was clear this team was different. If the Fantastic Four were family, then the Avengers were the co-workers you didn’t choose. Not everyone got along—the Hulk fought with everyone—but working together they could defeat the baddest of Marvel’s bad guys, like Loki, Kang the Conqueror, the Masters of Evil, and Immortus. The lineup was ever changing: The Hulk departed, Captain America joined, and Ant-Man grew up to become Giant-Man. Then, remarkably, villains Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch became heroes—and Avengers—and the group’s founding members shockingly departed, leaving Captain America to lead the newly-minted heroes.

Relive the classic early adventures of Avengers Nos. 1–20 in an XXL-sized edition that’s bigger than the Hulk’s fist, weightier than Thor’s hammer, and with more extras than Iron Man’s armor. TASCHEN has attempted to create an ideal representation of these books as they were produced at the time of publication. The most pristine pedigreed comics have been cracked open and photographed for reproduction in close collaboration with Marvel and the Certified Guaranty Company. Each page has then been digitally remastered using modern retouching techniques to correct problems with the era’s inexpensive, imperfect printing—as if hot off of a world-class 1960s printing press.

Accompanying the stories are an original foreword by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and an in-depth history by the Eisner Award-winning writer Kurt Busiek that’s illustrated with original art, little-seen photographs, and rare documents. This mighty collection about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is worthy of Tony Stark’s library—or yours.

Also available in a Collector’s Edition of 1,000 numbered copies.

The author:
Kurt Busiek
 has been writing comic books since 1982. He has written several series for Marvel, including The Avengers, and won acclaim for his work on the four-issue miniseries Marvels. In 1995 he launched his own super hero multiverse with his series Astro City.

The contributing author:
Kevin Feige, President, Marvel Studios, and Chief Creative Officer, Marvel, has been the driving creative force behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is a hands-on producer, responsible for all 23 interconnected feature films in the MCU.

The artists:
Stan Lee (1922–2018) is known to millions as the man whose super heroes propelled Marvel to its preeminent position in the comic book industry. His co-creations include Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and hundreds of others. While the Chairman Emeritus of Marvel, he was also the Chief Creative Officer of POW! Entertainment, where he created numerous new characters and stories in areas including publishing, film, TV reality, stage, documentary, and multimedia.

Jack Kirby (1917–1994) was one of comics’ most legendary and prolific artists whose notable co-creations include Captain America, Avengers, X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Ant-Man, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Thor.

Marvel Comics Library. Avengers. Vol. 1. 1963–1965
Famous First Edition: First printing of 5,000 numbered copies
Kurt Busiek, Kevin Feige, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

Edition: English



TASCHEN’s extra-large format, close in size to the original artworks, reveal startling new details in the work of Marvel’s most acclaimed artists. For each title in the series, the most pristine pedigreed comics (from the collection of our own SHELTON DRUM!) have been cracked open for reproduction in close collaboration with Marvel and the Certified Guaranty Company. Rather than recolor the original production artwork (as has been done in previous decades’ reprints of classic comics), TASCHEN has attempted to create an ideal representation of these books as they were produced at the time of publication. Beginning with high grade, top-quality comics sourced with the assistance of the CGC, super-high-resolution photographs of each page were made as printed more than half a century ago, using modern retouching techniques to correct problems with the era’s inexpensive, imperfect printing. This included improved and balanced ink densities and color matching, proper registration of the four-color printing and correction of thick/thin lines resulting from the flexible plates “smudging.” The end result is a finished product — as if hot off a world-class printing press produced without economic or time-pressure constraints – tailored for readers, fans, artists and collectors alike.

Each volume features an essay by a comic book historian alongside hundreds of photos and artifacts. The books use three different paper stocks, including an uncoated and wood-free paper exclusively developed for this series that simulates the feel of the original comics.

The first 5,000 copies of AVENGERS Vol. 1 will be numbered and released as a ‘Famous First Edition’. The book is also available as a Collector’s Edition, limited to 1,000 copies featuring an aluminum print cover tipped into a leatherette-bound spine, foil embossing, and housed in a slipcase. Each book is individually numbered. The inaugural purchase of the Collector’s Edition entitles the collector to the selection of a personal favorite number between 1 and 1,000 on a first-come-first-serve basis. This will also secure a preemptive right to reserve a copy with the identical edition number for all forthcoming Collector’s Edition titles in ‘The Marvel Comic Library’.

The next title in ‘The Marvel Comics Library’ series will be Fantastic Four. Vol. 1. 1961–1963 and Captain America, all scheduled for release in 2022 and 2023.


Shelton granted exclusive and unprecedented access to some of his most prized and beloved comics, and art, to assist in the creation of this comics tome.

“Working with TASCHEN and the CGC on these books has been an honor. The finished product FAR EXCEEDS any pre-conceived expectations I may have held! I just opened the box with the book, and I know the word might be overused, but it is AMAZING! The production quality is awesome. I love it!”


We have a few copies available for purchase in-store NOW, or you can pre-order your copy today!
Pre-Orders should be fulfilled by September 2022!

The Marvel Comics Library AVENGERS Vol. 1. 1963–1965
Hardcover, 11 x 15.6 in., 9.76 lb, 630 pages
US$ 200.00
Famous First Edition: First printing of 5,000 numbered copies

Shipping is an additional $20.00 if you are unable to pick up in store.

If you would like to Pre-Order your copy, please send an email to: [email protected]


Also available in a Collector’s Edition of 1,000 numbered copies
Hardcover with ChromaLuxe aluminum print cover tipped into a leatherette-bound spine.
11 x 15.6 in., 15.18 lb, 630 pages, in a slipcase

Please inquire about availability.
US$ 600.00



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FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2021


People are getting vaccinated which is a TREMENDOUS STEP in the right direction!

Things are slowly inching back toward some degree of “normal”,
or at least toward a “new normal”.
Almost everyone on our staff has been vaccinated,
and we encourage you to do the same!

We are as excited as anyone to get back to that sweet pre-pandemic life, but we will continue to observe the following safety precautions as we begin to ease up on restrictions within our store.

We understand that Governor Cooper lifted the Mask Mandate for North Carolina earlier today.

However, at this time, we would like to exercise caution before we lift the mask requirement in our store.

Heroes will continue to maintain the following Safety Protocols for a safe shopping experience!

  • We ask that EVERYONE (including staff) continue to wear a mask while shopping or working inside of our store.
    Even if you’re only coming in for ONE ITEM.
    No mask = NO ENTRY.
    If you do not have a mask, one can be provided to you. 

    We understand some of you will not want to wear a mask and, while we understand that is your personal preference, you will not be permitted in our store without a mask at this time.
    We appreciate your patience, understanding and consideration for everyone’s safety at this time. If you do not want to wear a mask, or if you would prefer not to come inside the store until we have lifted our mask policy, we are happy to arrange shipping for books.)

  • We have increased the capacity of our store to 30.
    This number includes employees. 
    We will increase this number toward “Full Capacity” over the next few weeks as long as there are no surges in COVID cases in our state.

  • We will continue to provide hand sanitizer for you to use upon entering and exiting the store.  
  • Please be respectful of social distance while in our store.
    Please be courteous to your fellow customers and try to allow for at least five feet of distance between yourself and others. Let’s face it, it’s just GOOD MANNERS. 
  • We will continue to sanitize and wash our hands as often as possible.  
    We can ship to anywhere in the United States and are happy to arrange a safe transaction for you! Just let us know!
    We can ship to anyone, anywhere! If you’d like to send a Christmas Gift to a family member in another state, we can ship directly to them!!

    Monday-Tuesday & Thursday-Saturday: 10am-7pm

    Wednesday: 10am-9pm
    Sunday: 1pm-6pm 
  • We will keep you posted to any changes to our guidelines as they happen.
    Please follow us on social media (FacebookInstagramTwitteror sign up for our Newsletter for regular updates! Please feel free to call us at 704-375-7462 or email us at [email protected] with any questions!


We appreciate your business and continued support!




We are happy to SHIP to anyone who would like make those arrangements at this time.
Here’s how to arrange that:

  1. Please call our store at 704-375-7462 between the hours of 10am-6pm, or email us at [email protected] with a list of books you would like us to ship to you.
    You can find the last 5 weeks of New Releases on our website here:, if you need recommendations!
  2. Shipping costs are based on weight.
  3. If you would like to order comic-collecting supplies (ie: Comic Boxes, Bags, Boards, etc) to have shipped, we can do that too!
    Supplies are subject to shipping freight. You can find our supply options listed here:
  4. We will invoice you via email for payment.
  5. If you would prefer to make payment via PayPal, we can arrange that as well. Please call or email for details.
  6. Please make sure that we have your complete and correct shipping address.
  7. Enjoy your order!!




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#BuzzCityPoster event!



We are one of the local partners for the

GoCollect #BuzzCityPoster event!

In order to win a poster you MUST enter the draft!
Our friends @GoCollect are hosting this event to celebrate their upcoming launch of a new site and price guides!
If you are in the Charlotte, NC area you don’t want to miss out on this 5-week event! 

2,500 Limited edition posters


Enter the draft.Receive an email confirmation. Get this Saturday’s pick up details.


Starting Saturday, April 24, 2021

GoCollect is giving away 2,500 posters created by talented artists and featuring theCharlotte Hornets as they protect the Queen City from sellers of counterfeit collectibles! The Buzz City Series posters tell the story of villains selling counterfeit collectibles to fund their mission to overtake the city of Charlotte. The Hornets team catches wind of this and battles the villains to save the city! When the Hornets come out victorious, a celebration in the city of Charlotte takes place to thank our heroes, the Hornets. The Hornets Buzz City Series brand pays homage to Charlotte’s rich history with a fresh and fashionable uniform that is inspired by the city’s reputation as a beacon for hope and opportunity. You’ll definitely want to collect all 5 in the series!

#CharlotteHornets #BuzzCity #UnderTheWaterTower



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We have been buying and selling for OVER 50 YEARS!
We provide evaluations, advice and an offer if you are looking to sell!

You owe it to yourself to get our expert evaluation before you sell!

Send an email to [email protected] or call us at 704-375-7462




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If you have a comic-lover on your shopping list this Christmas, don’t forget that Heroes can not only help you with a gift, but can help you with delivery as well!

Santa-Shelton and his crew of helpful little Hero-Elves are happy to help this Holiday Season!

Send your WANT LISTS to:
[email protected]

#ShipItForChristmas #SantaClausReadsComics #UnderTheWaterTower





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Heroes stand for Justice, and Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find stands with the BIPOC Community and the #BlackLiveMatter movement.

We must live by the code of the heroes whose stories we carry in our store, and stand for what is RIGHT.

Captain America fought the Nazis. The X-Men, Black Panther, and countless other titles throughout the years, have represented the fight for civil rights. 

In December of 1968, Stan Lee, the father of Marvel Comics, used his Soapbox to declare, “Racism and bigotry are among the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today.”

Stan Lee Racism Soapbox

A few months earlier, in October 1968 his Soapbox stated, “We believe that Man has a divine destiny, and an awesome responsibility – the responsibility of treating all who share this wondrous world of ours with tolerance and respect – judging each fellow human on his own merit, regardless of race, creed, or color.”


We look forward to a new chapter written by a new world where diversity and inclusivity are not just fictional characters on a page, but a reality for all who live it.

We stand with you.


Find ways to help:



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October 24, 2012 By: Andy Mansell Category: DISCUSS, Where Do I Start?

Please welcome guest blogger and Heroes customer Matt Plummer!

When it comes to purchasing or recommending manga to check out, there’s always the problem of middle to long-term commitment to the series because manga reads much faster and builds at a slower pace than American comic series.  Often-times, you have to wait for it to hit its stride.  In addition, the story arcs in manga are so long that you don’t know if it’s worth the time, effort, and money you need to put into it.  Worry not though, because Drops of God: The New World addresses both issues. (more…)



October 09, 2012 By: Andy Mansell Category: DISCUSS, Reviews, Where Do I Start?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved a good spy story.  I grew up reading Robert Ludlum and watching James Bond.  To this day, 007 remains the measuring stick against which all other action heroes are compared.

Nothing beats a good spy plot and nothing is worse that a half-baked one.  This is true for novels, films and comics as well.

Three of the best comic strips currently being reprinted in collected editions involve super spies and for all Espionage fans–I am going to see if I can steer you all over to the comic strip section of the store and enter the world of double agents, action, global scale danger but above all else terrific art and exciting storytelling.

First up is the granddaddy of them all–James Bond.  Titan books has been publishing the entire run of James Bond comic strip–which ran in British newspapers from 1958 to 1984!!!  Originally adapted by Bond creator Ian Fleming and then handled by other writers including  noted novelist Martin Amis, the Bond strip focuses on the characters from the source material and captures the feel of the original novels.  There is less pyrotechnics and more tense drama.  The Cold War is still threatening to go hot any minute and James Bond is right there keeping the world safe with enough time left over to enjoy his cars, his women and his martinis. (Not necessarily in that order)  Although any of the volumes will do nicely– I highly recommend  Colonel Sun, Death Wing, Golden Ghost, The Man with the Golden Gun, Octopussy, Phoenix Project, Spy Who Loved Me and Trouble Spot . Each volume contains three or four complete and self-contained stories. So pick up any one.  You will end up buying them all and then you will find yourself reading the original novels as well. Great Stuff!

Now, across the pond here in America, the talented comic team of writer Archie Goodwin and artist Al Williamson were asked to breath new life into the long running daily comic strip Secret Agent X-9 which was created by the unlikely team of Dashiell (Sam Spade) Hammett and Alex (Flash Gordon) Raymond way back in 1934!.  Rechristened  Secret Agent Corrigan, Goodwin and Williamson did more than just invigorate the strip, they made it their own.  For over 12 years, from 1967 to 1980, they turned Secret Agent Corrigan into arguably the last great adventure comic strip published in the US.  The stories are fast paced, exciting, economical and intelligent.  The storytelling is clear and beautifully rendered.  Each daily strip contains panels which are never too busy that the art becomes a distraction. Any volume of the IDW published series will do the job, but I especially recommend Volumes 2, 3 and 4. Greater Stuff!


OK–Bond is a terrific read, and Corrigan is a true high-point in adventure strip history, but I saved the best Spy strip for last – Modesty Blaise.  Along with Steve Canyon and Johnny Hazard, Modesty Blaise is in my top three all-time favorite comic strips.  The plots are intelligent and exciting and above all–consistent. The strip ran in Britain for over 20 years and when the creator/writer Peter O’Donnell finally shut down his word processor, longtime fans were angry. In over 100 adventures, O’Donnell never repeated himself– and more importantly, the strip never “jumped the shark.” What really made Modesty Blaise hum was the relationship between the title heroine and her partner the very lethal Willie Garvin.  Their relationship was unlike any in fiction.  There was no sexual tension– instead their friendship was based on mutual admiration and respect.  And that respect was hard-earned. In these reprint books, the danger is real and the setting, tone and illustration are strictly for adults! Any volume will do the series justice, but Cry Wolf, Death Trap, Gallows Bird, Green-Eyed Monster, Sweet Caroline, Top Traitor, Black Pearl, Yellowstone Booty and Puppet Master are all essentials! Greatest stuff!!!

Now you see what Willie Garvin sees!

So if you are a fan of spy fiction, these three titles really fit the bill.  Give any one a try–you will be back for more.  Like the owner of the Men’s Warehouse, I guarantee it.




October 02, 2012 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Where Do I Start?

It’s no secret to readers of this blog that my husband/Heroes blogger Seth loves all things Hellboy, but he has been completely unable to get me to read anything outside of Hellboy Jr. and the Beasts of Burden crossover one-shot.  There’s no real reason for my stance on this.  I liked the Hellboy movies, but that’s more about my love for Ron Perlman in beastly make-up than any particular attachment to the Hellboy storyline.  (While we’re on Mr. Perlman, can we all have the warm fuzzies again about the Make-A-Wish kid and Hellboy story from this summer?) Anyhoo, back to comics…Seth has full shelves in our house dedicated to Hellboy and B.P.R.D., but they had been gathering dust where I was concerned until recently.

At this year’s HeroesCon, I stumbled into a conversation between B.P.R.D. artists Jason Latour and James Harren in which I mentioned that I had not read B.P.R.D. and I wasn’t sure it was for me.  Not daunted at all by my hesitation, Jason immediately suggested that I start with Plague of Frogs and assured me that I would like it.  August rolled around without me picking up any of the trades on our shelves until I had a week without many new comics in my reserve bag and decided to pull volume 3 and it give it a go.  Cut to about a week and half later and I am about to start volume 13. (more…)


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