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Black Hammer Vol 1


Ever finish a comic and wish there was someone to discuss it with? Now’s your opportunity, as we bring back an old Heroes favorite during this weekend’s Labor Day sale. Join us this Saturday, September 1 at 2:00 P.M. for a brand new chapter of the Heroes Discussion Group! After much deliberation over what book to discuss, we settled on a favorite of both our staff and customers: Black Hammer volume 1: Secret Origins.

If you enjoyed the first volume of Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston’s breakout superhero mystery, then be sure to stop on by the shop this Saturday for a lively discussion about legacy, rebirth, discovery and much more. This time around, the discussions will be jointly led by veteran discusser Andy Mansell and our well-read young staffer Samuel M. Reynolds-Oosting.

We couldn‚Äôt be more excited to share conversation about some of our shop’s favorite authors and illustrators with fellow customers and readers! It’s always a great part of our local comics community, and we hope you’ll join us for this discussion and some of the other exciting ones we’ll be announcing soon! Don’t forget, the discussion starts this Saturday at 2 P.M., but the Labor Day sale kicks off¬†at 10 A.M. and runs all the way until 10 P.M. on Saturday, with Sunday and Monday’s hours both being 10 A.M. – 6 P.M.¬†

-The Heroes Discussion Committee  (also known as Andy, Sam and Seth)



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seth_staff_picksSeth’s Pick:: Head Lopper #1: I greatly enjoyed Andrew MacLean’s last book, ApocalyptiGirl, and was impressed with how he pulled together so many apparent influences into his own unique artistic voice. More than that, though, was the clear¬†exuberance in the work for the craft of making the comic. You can tell that MacLean was making the kind of comic that he enjoys reading. Lopper01The joy continues with his new quarterly Image series, Head Lopper. While this series previously existed as MacLean’s¬†own indie comic, it’s now available with an 80 page story¬†plus a brand new pin-up gallery. That’s 96¬† pages of barbarian action, monsters, witches, swords, and all things metal, for only $5.99! Fans of classic Conan, Hellboy and Harryhausen won’t want to miss this one!

Bonus Pick: Descender TP vol. 1:¬†descendervol1If you missed out on the acclaimed first six issues of Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s space opera, you can find them all in this week’s first volume Image collection for only $9.99! I found this to be among Lemire’s most poignant writing since Essex County, and Nguyen’s art is better than ever. In the endless sprawl of Image sci-fi comics being published today, this one certainly stands out, and is worth a close look.






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staff_picks rico_staff_picksRICO’S PICK :: PLUTONA #1: “Stand By Me” but with a dead superhero in place of the dead regular person is most likely an oversimplification of this new Image comic book but from what I can tell, that’s the catalyst here. The art from Emi Lenox and Jordie Bellaire looks great and expressive. You can see for yourself in these¬†previews here and¬†here. Not sure if it’s a 4 or 5 issue series but¬†Lenox, Bellaire and writer Jeff Lemire¬†have put together a great looking book with an intriguing premise and I can’t wait to read it.



STAFF PICKS :: ANIMAL MAN #20 :: MAY 01, 2013

April 30, 2013 By: Rico Renzi Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

RICO’S PICK :: ANIMAL MAN #20: You should check out my pick of the week¬†¬†because John Paul Leon drew it! He doesn’t do tons of comics but his work is always sought after by students of sequential storytelling¬†craft. It’s always a great new comics day when something JPL draws hits the shelves!



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Favorite Super-hero Book of 2012: Wolverine and the X-Men: I haven’t read much of the X-Men since Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing, but I am so glad Seth insisted we pick up this title.¬† This has consistently been my favorite super-hero book this year since issue #1.¬† It’s funny, it survived cross-over madness, and it has more bamfs than you can shake a stick at! If you haven’t been reading this delightful tale by Jason Aaron, you need to add this to your holiday wish list immediately! (more…)



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It looks like departments stores are already setting up their Christmas displays so it’s not too early for me to remind you that Heroes is a great place to do some Christmas shopping while you’re picking up your own comics.¬† From an excellent All Ages section to art books to comic strip collections, there’s something for everyone on your list.¬† There’s also the annual Holiday Sale for the bargain hunters among us.¬† Keep an eye on the blog for that announcement.

Avengers #1 and #2:  Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena take on an expanded Avengers roster as the team entered the Marvel NOW! era.  This title will be shipping twice a month and the preview art is stunning.  (Marvel Previews, pages 4-8)

Amazing Spider-Man #700: While new titles are launching in the Marvel-verse, this long running Spider-Man series is coming to an end.¬† It’s ending in a big way with 104 pages and some great covers, including a variant with the names of the creators who have worked on the book appearing in the city skyline. (Marvel Previews, pages 47-50)

Monsters, Inc. #1: Marvel is bringing another hit Disney movie into comics with this adaption of Monsters, Inc. in a mini-series that follows the adventures of a human girl who has sneaked into Monstropolis. (Marvel Previews, page 67)

Hellboy in Hell #1: Mike Mignola returns to both writing and drawing duties as we join Hellboy after his sacrifice in Great Britain landed him in hell with both familiar faces and a throne that have been awaiting his arrival. (pages 31-33)

Rotten Apple: Heroes regular, Sanford Greene, teams with writer Chuck Brown on a hunt for a priceless relic in the dystopian city of Rotten Apple. (page 50)

House of Fun:  Evan Dorkin brings the fun in only the way he can with this issue that includes new Milk and Cheese strips, stories from Dark Horse Presents and much, much more.  (page 66)

Django Unchained #1 and #2: Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie hits comics as an adaption of his full screenplay that tells the story of a dentist turned bounty hunter and his partner a newly freed slave.¬† If that’s not enough, the art for the series is provided by Scalped‘s R.M. Guera and Charlotte’s own¬†Jason Latour. ¬† (page 137)

Sweet Tooth #40: The journey of Gus comes to an end in this final issue of Jeff Lemire’s acclaimed series. ¬† (page 143)

Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer Artist’s Edition New Printing: If you missed out on the first printing of this beautiful artist’s edition, never fear, just in time for the holidays a new printing is available. (page 173)

MARA #1: Brian Wood and Ming Doyle tell the story of Mara Prince, a celebrity athlete with supernatural abilities that is now famous for all the wrong reasons.¬† Ming’s art is gorgeous and in Brian’s hands this is sure to be an interesting tale. ¬† (pages 182-184)

Chew volume 6: Space Cakes TP : I’ve been reading Chew in trade and I am ecstatic that a new volume awaits me in December.¬† Collecting issues 26-30, plus the amazing Secret Agent Poyo one-shot, this trade is sure to make the Chew fan in your life have a very happy holidays indeed. (page 203)

Love and Rockets: The Covers: Fantagraphics has collected over 150 covers from Los Bros. Hernandez and brought them together in one glorious oversized art book for our viewing pleasure.  The covers are almost exclusively presented without cover logos or texts (page 296)

Mermin volume 1: Out of Water: Don’t miss the full color hardcover of the adventures of Mermin the Merman and his human friends after he washes ashore following his escape from the underwater kingdom of Mer.¬† Originally published by Joey Weiser in mini-comics, this new collection is sure to please comic fans of all ages. (pages 306-307)

Chu’s Day: A new children’s book from Neil Gaiman about a cute little panda with a giant sneeze is the only description anyone should need to pick up this adorable picture book.¬† (page 352)

Get a head start on holiday shopping with this month’s Previews order and don’t forget to throw in a little something for yourself!




August 18, 2012 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

HEATHER’S PICK :: JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #12: I was super disappointed when Zatanna’s solo book was absorbed by the New 52 and only grudgingly picked up JL Dark. ¬†I didn’t want a team book, I wanted a female centered superhero book. ¬†Color me surprised when I enjoyed this new team-up and was happy to be introduced to new-to-me characters. ¬†I’ve particularly enjoyed Jeff Lemire’s turn at the storytelling helm as he tackles the House of Mystery and the Books of Magic. ¬†If you enjoy your superheroes with a supernatural twist, don’t miss this one.




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Reading The Underwater Welder brought several new experiences to me.¬† Not only was this the first time I’ve read non-superhero¬† comics by Jeff Lemire, but this was also my first digital graphic novel reading experience.¬† While I found Lemire’s art stunning on the screen, I can’t help but think the hard copy format will provide an even more poignant experience.

The Underwater Welder is the story of Jack and Susan Joseph, parents only weeks away from welcoming their first child into the world.  Jack takes a rather unusual course in preparing for the birth of his child and heads off to an oil rig for an underwater welding job instead of remaining home with his heavily pregnant wife. A seemingly supernatural occurrence on the ocean floor ends his assignment early, but furthers his distance from his wife and unborn son as it launches him on a journey of self-discovery tied into his relationship with his own father.

Lemire takes his readers on a strange and beautiful journey that will pull at your emotions regardless of your relationships with your own parents or children.¬† Within the pages of The Underwater Welder a black, white and gray world is created, adding depth and weight to the relationships of the characters and their surroundings. My words cannot do justice to the beauty of Lemire’s inks.¬† There is literal and figurative depth here, but also subtlety when it is needed.¬† As I mentioned, I haven’t read Lemire’s non-superhero comics before, but I’m curious to see how he’s grown over time, and where he might go next.

I’m very much looking forward to picking this book up in hard copy so that I may appreciate the splash pages the way they are meant to be enjoyed, side by side in their full glory.¬† Lemire puts so much soul in a what seems like a simple panel of a diver viewed underwater from afar.¬† He also accomplishes seamless transitions in both time and place as he progresses the story¬†with a well-timed pace.¬† One of Lemire’s more striking pages combines images from our protagonist’s past and present as air bubbles surrounding a clearly panicked diver.

It’s always exciting to discover a new comic that manages to be a moving work regardless of how much or little you might know about the subject matter.¬† Comics like this provide a great opportunity to introduce non-comic readers to the potential of the medium.¬† Here’s a story about life experiences that most anyone can relate to, moving beyond the tights and capes that many non-comic readers struggle to overcome in their feelings about this medium.¬† Not only will The Underwater Welder be occupying a space on my shelf in August, but Lemire’s latest novel has inspired me to go back and read his earlier tomes as well.


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