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2015 Artist Alley
Photo by Alex Cason

HEROES CONVENTION is one of the most recognizable names on the comics convention circuit, with a well-deserved reputation as a convention that puts comics first, meaning aisles packed with fans looking for new comics and comic-related merchandise to check out.


We have a waiting list for anyone who would still like to try to get a space at our 2023 show. Send an email to to be added to the list.

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Tables AA-01 through AA-87 are against the wall and are numbered in a clockwise fashion.

Table numbers for all other islands run counter-clockwise. (As shown on the diagram. AA-149 is on the bottom right hand corner.)


Table numbers will be posted in the following weeks!

Destiny NY Vol. 6, Glarien by Charlie Stickney
4th Wall Productions | AA-TBA
Danny J Quick, Morgan Iverson
Aceblade, King Supreme, LumberJax
Abysmal Kaiju Pins SHE/HER AA-TBA
Hunter Braly
Action Pig Studios LLC.
David Dandorf, Logan Dandorf
Hard Kill Harry
Acton Broach
Adam Casey | HE/HIM AA-TBA
Adam Casey
Arguably Comics, Dollar Bin Comics All-Stars, No Nothing
Ageless Press  | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Matt Kund, Noah Ray
Alan O.W. Barnes | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Alan O.W. Barnes
Big in Japan, ManGrooves, Atomic Rex, Crow Chronicles, and Korny the Caticorn
Alan White |  HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Alan White
Alexandra Brodt Illustration | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Alexandra Brodt
Illustrator: "Magical Creatures Around You’re Home" and "Gruhit’s Hope" by Darren Fink
Alyx White | AA-TBA
Alyx White
Amanda Kahl  | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Amanda Kahl
Age of Night: Volumes 1-3, I Am the First: Issues 1-3
Ande Rummel | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Ande Rummel
Digital Webbing Presents, Negative Burn, Terminal, Self-published mini comics
Andres Labrada | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Andres Labrada
Vampirella, Red Sonja, Dejah Thoris: Fairy Tales, Something is Killing the Children, Mighty Morphin, We Only Find Them When They're Dead, Nocterra; Self-published: COSHOHO #1
Anthony Fowler Jr. | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Anthony Fowler Jr.
Dresden Files: Wild Card, Eisenhorn: Xenos, Firefly, Batman vs. Bigby: A Wolf In Gotham!, DC Power: A Celebration, Milestone 30th Anniversary Special, DC New Talent Showcase: Milestone Initiative #1
Anya Driffill | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Anya Driffill
Portraits for SCAD magazine. Published in Peanut Butter Shrimp Magazine and featured in the Savannahian and Do Savannah
APEIROS WORLD voyage ATL, Canvas Rebel, and Voyage LA interviews
Art By Michal Overholts | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Michal Overholts
Art Club | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Luan Luu, Ruby Boiko, Kenneth J. Wagnon
Art of Alexander Iaccarino | AA-TBA
Alexander Iaccarino
Combining screenprinting and classic film posters. Officially licensed Star Wars and Marvel posters, as well as artwork for AMC, PlayStation, NBC, and Rooster Teeth
Art of Angela | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Angela Fernot
Tales of Cape Fear, WILMA Magazine, Soldiers of Fortune Comics
Art of Eric McConnell | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Eric McConnell
Self-published: Remnant 1-3, Published on Webtoons
Art of Josh C. Lyman | AA-TBA
Josh C. Lyman
Topps, 5finity, Upper Deck, Moonstone Publishing
Art of Kyle Willis | AA-TBA
Image, Scout, Orange Cone, Shattermare Comics, Spin Magazine
Art of Stephanie Isidro | AA-TBA
Stephanie Isidro, Stalone Hong
Artcade Designs | AA-TBA
Artness! by Justin Brown | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Justin Brown
ArtsyGamerGirl | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Logan Allen
Artwork by Wes Flanary | AA-TBA
Wes Flanary
Astro Cat | THEY/THEM | AA-TBA
Shea Patterson, Ryan Kampert
Bad Candy Comics | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Robert Henry
Bad Candy, Bad Candy Tasty Treats, Bad Girls, Rough Cut
BeanyCoffee Illustration | THEY/SHE | AA-TBA
BeanyCoffee, CupOhJoe
BeastWreck Stuff | HE/HIM, SHE/HER | AA-45-46
Jared Moraitis, Belle Dee, Lucas Moraitis
Art & Designs by BeastBoy & Belle Dee
Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things | AA-TBA
Jon Miller: WE/US/THEY/THEM, Doug Hogan: HE/HIM
Jon Miller - writer: Queer Sci-Fi Anthology, Sinister Smile Press, Incubator Press, Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things; Doug Hogan - artist: Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible things flagship anthology"

Benjamin Schipper | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Benjamin Schipper
Joe Death and the Graven Image, Dark Horse; Jim Henson's the Storyteller, Boom Studios
Bernie Cooke and Marshall Hinson | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Bernie Cooke, Marshall Hinson
D Ward issue 3 and 4 published through Keenspot Comics
Billy Fowler | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Billy Fowler
Birdie Arts | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Paris Arthur
Biting Comics | AA-TBA
Ben Lacy, Debra Lacy, Joshua Lacy
Blackbox Comics | AA-TBA
Dimitrio Zaharakis, Andrea Zaharakis
Small Press Indie Publisher
BlackTooth Publishing, LLC | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Omari Malik
Promotional NBA comics, Hypland's Clothing, fashion brand BarriersNY
BolandArtStudio | Helen: SHE/HER, Sam: HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Helen Boland, Samuel Boland
Brandon Hendricks and LA Peterson | AA-TBA
Brandon: HE/HIM, LA Peterson: THEY/THEM
The Heroic Few #1 from Buño books
Brendan Hykes | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Brendan Hykes
Brian Lacy Art | AA-TBA
Brian Lacy
Brian Wingrove | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Brian Wingrove
Crackajack Comics, Popular Comics, Simon Says, Intermezzo, Mighty Mighties
Briar Patch Comix | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Keith Daniels , Bobby Bentley, Jeff Simpkins
Brittney Ann Art - The Art of Brittney Jackson | AA-TBA
Brittney Jackson, Jonathan Jackson, Melody Schubert
"Beautiful Lego: Wild" by Mike Doyle; "Little Patriot" by Diamond Ben-ami
Bryan Mon | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Bryan Mon
Unstoppable Tuff-Girl, "The Art of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse", D23 Fantastic World map
Bryan SilverBaX | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Bryan SilverBaX
200AD, Scout Comics, Image, AfterShock, Source Point Press
Bryce Oquaye & Wes Gift | AA-TBA
Bryce Oquaye: HE/HIM, Wes Gift: HE/HIM
Z2 Comics
C. Brennan Knight | AA-TBA
Brennan Knight
Production Editor: Dead Reckoning; Writer: Echoes Among the Stars, Tyrant Fall, Mental Cases, The Trenchstalker, The Lamplighter
Carlations | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Carla Wyzgala
Gray Girl, Rogue Sun, Skull Maskerade
Caroline Burgen | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Caroline Burgen
Cat Dragon Hoard | THEY/THEM | AA-TBA
Belle Dragon
Cat's Candles | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Gabrielle Catanese, Sophia Catanese
Caitlin Davis
Merchandise for YouTuber ZachbealeTV as “TeethTesty”
Cerulean Cat Creations | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Kelsie Meyer, Kyle Meyer
Christopher Williams | HE/THEY | AA-TBA
Christopher Williams
Greatest Hits, The Bones
Clemagraphics Studio | Y'ALL | AA-26
Andrew Clem
“Tripping Over Reality: The Death and Origin of a Hero” author Christopher Swartzlander
CnS Comics | AA-TBA
Wilson Lee
Small Press Indie Publisher out of Wilmington NC
Comicsburgh: Heroineburgh & The Edge | AA-TBA
Manny Theiner, Marvin Wynn
Heroineburgh Comics #1-#3, The Edge #1-#5
Cory Godbey | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Cory Godbey
Penguin Random House, BOOM! Studios, Archaia, Jim Henson Co, Simon & Schuster
Cosmer Art | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Solar Novae Art
Cosmic Lion Productions | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Eli Schwab, Kevin Anthony Catalan
D'Hondt Creative | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Brooke D'Hondt
Damien Becton | HE/HIM | ii-TBA
Damien Becton
Worlds Away
Damon Thompson Books, LLC | AA-TBA
Damon Thompson
Supreme Beingz: Finding The inner G, Supreme Beingz: Weaponz Of The Spirit
Dan Frazier | AA-07-09
Dan Frazier
Painter and Color Artist
Dan Neidlinger | AA-TBA
Dan Neidlinger
Daniel Govar | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Daniel Govar
Topps Star Wars, Naomi Novik’s "Temeraire", Tuskers, various Marvel properties
Daniel Hooker | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Daniel Hooker
Udons Megaman Tribute Artbook, Kayla Chronicles, Hero Cats, Mermaid Mayhem, Line of Ruin
Daniel Scott Jr. | AA-TBA
Daniel Scott Jr.
Davey | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Doctor Who, Covers for Falstaff Books, Founding member of Tavern Publishing
Davey DeForne | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Davey DeForne
Variant covers for Source Point Press
David Mancos | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
David Mancos
Jingxiong Guo
Dean Garris | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Dean Garris, Alexander Julian III
Deegan Puchkors | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Deegan Puchkors
Delighted Ghost Studio | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Ryan Bray
Dennis Robinson - Hive Head Studios | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Dennis Robinson
Lycan: Solomon's Odyssey Chapter 1, Lycan: Solomon's Odyssey Chapter 2, Pod Life 2
Devin Kraft / Cheshire Cat Art | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Devin Kraft
Neverender / Neverender: The Final Duels, Silence, Astro Bots, Heavy Metal
Don Nguyen | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Don Nguyen
Pablo the Gorilla, Marvel Upper Deck sketchcard artist, Battle Grapple Rebel, RETRO
Donovan Hall | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Donovan Hall
Doug Baron / Jump Back Productions | AA-TBA
Doug Baron
Sugar ray Finhead & Little Jim-Bob Big Foot
DrawGabeDraw | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Gabriel Ribeiro
The Autumn Fairies
Dwayne Velasquez | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Dwayne Velasquez
Self-published: The Forerunner's Call; Artist: Soul Thunder from Creative One comics
Eclectic Scribbles | SHE/THEY | AA-TBA
Amanda King
Ed Eargle | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Ed Eargle
Variant: Hardly Heroes #9, Shattermare Comics; Contributor: "Bernie Wrightson Artbook: A Tribute"; Inker: "Final Destination 3" from Zenescope, and "Kord & Harley" GN from Arcana
Elizabeth Honeycutt | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Elizabeth Honeycutt
Elle Anderson and Aly Robb | Elle: SHE/HER, Aly: THEY/THEM | AA-TBA
Elle Anderson, Aly Robb
Elle Blair Art | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Lillian Blair
Emily Painter | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Emily Painter, Leona Chiarappa
Enamel Empire | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Craig Boyse, Scott Boyse
Endeavor Comics | AA-TBA
Tim Nardelli
TV: Dark/Web (Prime Video Series), Circle (Netflix), Poster Design: Dennis Doesn't Live Here Anymore (LA Comedy Festival); Comic Book- Night Terror (Endeavor Comics)
Enrico Botta | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Enrico Botta
Pin up artist for Templesmiths’s Dagon, Bloodsongs and Cover Colorist for 616 Comics Exclusives Red Room, Bunny Mask and Vampirella. Sculptor and Designer for Disney, Mcfarlane Toys and Henson
Enrique "Quique!" Lopez | AA-654
Enrique "Quique" Lopez
Inker: "Soul Eraser" on Triple Threat Comics
Eric J. Beeler Cartoonist | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Eric Beeler
Essential Comics | AA-TBA
Coach Monroe, Ken Hunt, Harold Edge, Joe Silver
Independent Comic Book Publisher
Ethan Wenberg | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Ethan Wenberg, Jack Wenberg
The Grubbie Wubbies, Captain Fantastico
Eyewhiskers Studio | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Mikayla Owle, Aaron Smiley, Kimber Owle
Faith & Fandom | AA-59
Hector Miray
Faith & Fandom Series, Aceblade; Actor: DC's "Swamp Thing", Screenwriter: Fandom Entertainment/Screen Junkies/Clevver Movies
Far Traveler Comics | Alexandra: SHE/THEY, Rubén: HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Ramsa Saud, Rubén Mahfoud, Wes Gallery -
Far Traveler's "Fates" 1-4, "The Crosswick Snake Monster" by Aziza TGN from The Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities Anthology Vol. 2
Fate68 Comix | AA-TBA
Jason Conley, Jamie Lynn
Felipe Cagno & Fabiano Neves | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Felipe Cagno, Fabiano Neves
Fine OK Press | THEY/THEM | ii-TBA
Fend Hamilton
Frank Antonio | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Chris Howard
Future Landfill Press | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Ugis Berzins
Gordon Magazine
Geoff M Art Sales | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Sean Izaakse, Matt Gaudio
Thunderbolts, Green Arrow, Fantastic Four
George Vega | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
George Vega
Upper Deck, Paramount pictures, The Bambox
Giovanni Wilches | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Giovanni Wilches, Cameron Penny
Greg Anderson Elysée | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Greg Anderson Elysée
Is'nana the Were-Spider, Akim Aliu: Dreamer, OneNation: Stronghold
Gregory Dickens | HE/THEY | AA-TBA
Gregory Dickens
Heroes of Sinclair, eMMA, Outskirts, Nameless: An Outskirts Tale
Hammerblam Storytelling | AA-TBA
Gene Willoughby, Tameshia Willoughby
Author - The Sunstroms (Prose Superhero Novel), AuthorArtist
Homebrew Tinkerings | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Steven Litfin, Clayton Smith
Hyde Hermit Studio | AA-TBA
Hoi, Kai
Hora Tora Studio
illust888 | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Tony Scott
Upperdeck, Rittenhouse, 5Finity sketchcard artist
Illustrator Tom kelly | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Tom Kelly
DC, Marvel, Image, Darkhorse, Hasbro, Mattel, Lego
Kevin Gleaton II, Kevin Gleaton III
Jacob Hennigan Art / George Berkley Art | ii-TBA
Jacob, Hennigan, George Berkley, Jacob Dudek
Jake Smith | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Jake Smith
Into Radness, Blood Force Trauma, This Off Beat Town, Variant CVR: "Do a Powerbomb", "TMNT: Universe", Heavy Metal Magazine
James Nelson | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
James Nelson
Monster Lands vol.1, Monster Lands vol.2, Puffer and Clarissa vol.1
Jamie Jones | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Jamie Jones
The Baboon, Quarter Killer, Five Ghosts Special, Tales of MFR (
Jamie Tyndall Inc. | AA-TBA
Jamie Tyndall
Absolute Comics Group, Zenescope , IDW Entertainment, Valiant Entertainment, Lady Death, Contraband, Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment
Janet K Lee | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Janet K Lee
Return of the Dapper Men, Jane Austen's Emma, Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, OUaT: Out of the Past, Lost Vegas, Sea Sirens, Sky Island, Reading with Pictures, Covid Chronicles
Jarrod Alberich, The Yard Sale Artist | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Jarrod Alberich
Artist: Marvel & Upper Deck, Writer: True War Stories, Hamilton vs. Burr: A Werewolf Tale, Inker: Cold Lightning, Pulsar, Cover artist: Blackthorne: Spires of Mars
Jason Howard | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Jason Howard
The Astounding Wolf-Man, Super Dinosaur, Trees, Cemetery Beach, Big Girls, Flash, Batman
Jason turner art | AA-TBA
Jason turner
The Ripper Gene, Psycho Sal, Twenty Thirty Two
JaVon O. Stokes - Visually Stoked Media | AA-TBA
JaVon O. Stokes
Owner/Publisher: Visually Stoked Media; Writer/Artist/Creator: HEAT, STRONG; Top 5ive Live & A Stoked Podcast; Children's book: "The Andersuns: Keturah's Bedtime Story"
Jeff Rider & Jimmy Kucaj | AA-TBA
Jeff Rider: HE/HIM, Jimmy Kucaj: THEY/THEM
The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast, Major Holmes and Captain Watson
Jesse L. Hockman Studios | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Jesse Hockman
Jimmy Mendoza
JMA Studio | AA-TBA
Jon Pinto, Mike Spring and Alberto Mier
Stargate Atlantis, Three Stooges, Zorro, The King, Hail Hail (book cover), Disney, Universal, CNN, The Hunt
Joe Corroney Art | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Joe Corroney
Star Wars, Star Trek, Stranger Things, Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men, Superman, Green Lantern, Indiana Jones, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, X-Files, GI Joe
John Bivens & Zander Cannon -
John Bivens, Zander Cannon
Heavy Metal Magazine, Devil's Red Bride, Cult Classic: Creature Feature, RETROverse, Spread, Dark Engine
John Gebbia Art | AA-TBA
John Gebbia
SLG Publishing, It's Alive! Publishing, Kaiju Comix
John Johnston Art | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Jordan Johnston, John Johnston
Cryptozoic, Upper Deck sketch cards for Marvel, DC and Cartoon Network
John O. Burke & Stegall-Smith | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
John Burke, Tyler Stegall-Smith
John P Golden | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
John P Golden
Boom Studios, Over the Garden Wall
Jordan and Jared Witkofsky- Fervum Productions | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Jordan Witkofsky, Jared Witofksy
Julia Hagerty & Logan Hendry | Julia: SHE/HER, Logan: HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Julia Hagerty, Logan Hendry
Lucky Penny, X-O Manowar, Space Opera RPG Guide: Atlas, Fantasy Games Unlimited
Justin Peterson | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Justin Peterson
Mad Magazine, Rick & Morty, Very Near Mint, Hot Dogger, the Unbelievable Floridians
Kat's Dream Company | Kat: SHE/HER, Kristopher: HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Claudia Stephens, Kristopher Youn
Keith Browning | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Keith Browning
Keith W Cunningham | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Keith W Cunningham
Strange Places, Secret Highways
Ken Johnson Illustration Studios | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Ken Johnson
Juliet & Romeo, VSSRussia, The Bold and The Brave featuring 10th Muse and Velika, Velica
Kennedy Cooke-Garza | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Kennedy Cooke-Garza
Kevin Anthony Catalan | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Kevin Anthony Catalan, Eli Schwab
Kevin Betou | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Kevin Betou
Strictly self-published books and a few anthologies
Kevin Delgado / John Bruggman | AA-TBA
Kevin Delgado, John Bruggman
Stray Dogs Dog Days, Ice Cream Man, Prophet 30th Anniversary, We Live: Volume 2 Black #1 and White #1, Volantis, Tuff Stuff
Charles Mumford
Kim Dwinell- Surfside Girls | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Kim Dwinell
Surfside Girls- The Secret of Danger Point, Surfside Girls- The Mystery at the Old Rancho
Kit Steele | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Kit Steele
Devil's Due, One Small Step Games
The 9 Circles, Gaijin in Tokyo, Evenfall, Brisingamen, Alpha X, Tales of the Tipsy Taurus
Kristian Herrera & Coleton Mastick | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Kristian Herrera & Coleton Mastick
Sidekick For Hire, Prolong, Starburn
Lance Footer of Low Vision Studio | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Lance Footer
Lanier Burton | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Lanier Burton
True Science Fiction, Gimmie The Loot, B-Sides, Webtoons
Larry Guidry | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
John Holland, Larry Guidry
Die Bold, Two Morrows, and Antarctic Press
Last Call at The Crow Bar | AA-TBA
Matt Bell
Crime noir world of bird mischief. Card game designed and illustrated by Matt Bell, and first comic book!
Lee Bee Arts | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Lia Cameron
Lee Horton | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Lee Horton
Hourglass Falls, Payne and Graves
LessDraws Art Studio | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Levelup Lemon, LLC | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Adrian Massenburg and Adam Woolard
Levi Erickson | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Levi Erickson
Crowd Surfer Magazine, Heroes Fallen Studios cover artist, the Big writer/artist/publisher
Licca Kirk | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Licca Kirk
Kamikaze: Wall Tales 'Midnight Run, Violet, Team Battle For Ozellberg, Battle for Ozellberg, Dr. Goyle, A Passage of Time, Womanthology Holiday Edition 2011
Literati Press Comics | THEY/THEM | AA-TBA
Aliengaged, Glamorella’s Daughter, Haunted, Beloved, We Promised Utopia
Loft 817 | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Kris Keeffer
Myths, Monsters and Cryptids : A field journal
Lothlenan: Art of Andrea Tamme | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Andrea Tamme
Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, Black Light District, Robots Vs Princesses
Malachi Ward | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Malachi Ward
Black Hammer, Star Trek, Ancestor, Expansion
Mamba Art | AA-19
Monica Morris, Maya Tuite
Marc Hodge | AA-TBA
Marc Hodge
Dreaming City Comics, Creatures From Many Lands, Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute book Volume 1
Marcel The Loser | AA-TBA
Marcel The Loser
Marmewa Art | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Meghan Wallace
Source Point Press, Totally Rad Comics
Matt Emmons/Second At Best Press | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Matt Emmons
Métal Hurlant, Heavy Metal Magazine, Comixology Originals, Mad Cave Studios, Dark Horse
Melon Studio Comics | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Michael Allen
Gordon Magazine
Mercat Studio | SHE/THEY | AA-TBA
Jenna Layman, Akimi Yasuda
Meredith Laxton | THEY/THEM | AA-TBA
Meredith Laxton
MPLS Sound, Charlie's Spot, The Crow: Hark The Herald, Wait Till Helen Comes, The Old Willis Place (TBA)
Meredith McClaren | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Meredith McClaren
Black Cloak, Jem and the Holograms, Hinges
Michael Lee Harris | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Michael Lee Harris
Sensory: Life On the Spectrum, an Autistic Comic Anthology; Holiday Spirits Volume 2; Wonderful Women Of The World; What’s Left: A Comics Anthology; A-Ok! April/May 2021; Flash Forward!; My Kingdom For a Panel: A Shakespearean Anthology; Strange Waters Comics Anthology; Lillies Anthology
Mike Becker | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Mike Becker
Young Offenders, Warner Brothers Animation
Mike Mez Phillips | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Mike Mez Phillips
No More!, Highburn Studios
Mike Riley | AA-TBA
Mike Riley, David Crispino
Minor Flock Publishing | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Daniel Mccaslin, Jennifer McCaslin
Modern Goldfish | Kenna: SHE/HER, Bryan: HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Kenna Covington, Bryan Covington
Monkeygong | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Kraig Rasmussen
Sojourners, Technopolis, Epoch, Furthest Reaches, Odds & Ends
MossyTops | THEY/THEM | AA-TBA
Em Chapman
Mostafa Moussa | AA-TBA
Mostafa Moussa
Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Hasbro
MothRabbits | SHE/THEY | AA-TBA
Laura Champion
Naomi Romero Art | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Naomi Romero
Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Illumination, Sesame Workshop, Tor Teen
Nathaniel Long | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Nathaniel Long, Abby Sivyer
Nichols & Dimes | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Dylan Nichols
Nico Rodriguez | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Nico Rodriguez
West, Not South, Knife In Sand., Roba: Prehistoric Wizard, The Grains of Assault
no, nothing. MAGAZINE | THEY/THEM | AA-TBA
Christian Sanchez, Macy Thiele
Nostromo Avenue Studios | AA-TBA
Raymond Salvador: HE/HIM, Amie Wilensky: SHE/HER
Dolly Pardon, Klaus Nomi: A Graphic Biography and Collaborative Anthology, Uncanny Valley Archive 001
OctoBomb Studio | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Erica Collins
Cheap Joe's catalog
Odd School Studios | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Gregory Van Dyke, Jacob Castillo
Olyoptics/Steve Oliff | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Steve Oliff, Diana Valero
Akira, Spawn,The Maxx, Dark Knight, Swamp Thing
Jennifer Meier
Parla Creative | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Michael Parla
Part Time Princess | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Caroline Kerrigan, Sarah Kinney
Pat Shand | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Pat Shand
Destiny, NY, Azza the Barbed, Gangster Ass Barista, Prison Witch, Robyn Hood, Van Helsing, Angel, Adventure Time Comics
Phillip Ginn: Imaginator | AA-TBA
Phillip Ginn
The Stalkersnatch, Pimp Killer, The Faceless God, Bernie Wrightson: Artbook – A Tribute, The Canary That Named The Stars, Old31, Wolf Punks, Wrong Magentic Poles, Vol. 1, A Timeline Of Shorts: Collected Short Comics From 2005 to 2017
PigLemonade Art | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Alicia Woods
Pink Clouds Art | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Christina Upchurch, Chris Delair
Pixels by Elise | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Elise Abdelnour
Proton Factories | AA-TBA
Geek Art Vol 1, The Life Aquatic (licensed poster), DC Comics, The D Ward, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (background artist)
Pulp21 Comics | AA-TBA
Chet Presley, Richard Basey
Rachel Sullivan Illustration | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Rachel Sullivan
Rat Lady Art | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Ilinca Mitchell
Rebecca Michaud | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Rebecca Michaud
WildStar Press: Little Bug
Red Baran Creations | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Christie Baran, Mallory Schultz
Reggie Herman Art Books | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Reggie Herman
Reid Beaman | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Reid Beaman, Ryan Beaman
Dead Reckoning, Dynamite Entertainment Trading Card Artist
Reid Chancellor | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Reid Chancellor
Retro Llama Crafts | SHE/HER | BOOTH 447
Melissa Dalessandro, Jonni Dalessandro
Rich Hennemann | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Rich Hennemann
Rick Quinn / Martyn Lorbiecki | AA-TBA
Rick Quinn, Martyn Lorbiecki
Rick Quinn: Spirit Drifters, Earworm, The Negatives, Fireproof, Chameleons, The Dead Sparrow; Martyn Lorbiecki: The Ghost Butterfly, Earworm, Chameleons, Elli, Drift
Ro Lamb | AA-TBA
Ro Lamb
Scarlet Ranger, Shattered Theories
Rocket Ink Studios | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Tony Miello, Bill Pulkovski, John Marroquin
Odd Tales From The Curio Shop, Mexica, Zombie Soda Mixology Book, Gapo the Clown In Full Color, Portraits Of Poe, Irvings Icky Insects, H.P. Lovecrafts The Alcamist, GAPO the Clown Big, Fat and Greasy, Fate's Five, The Guard
Ron Ruelle | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Ron Ruelle
At The Zu, Stoner’s Aquarium, Anchovies & Ice Cream. Also unflattering caricatures of you or your pet at a reasonable price
Rotten Goblin | THEY/THEM | AA-TBA
Jay Boyd
Wild Star Press
Rumble and Roar Wandmakers | NON-BINARY/ALL PRONOUNS | AA-TBA
Nathan Love
Ryan Best | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Ryan Best
Guardians of Erloth, CT Fletcher’s Soul Man, Evolusion, Sky Guy
Saffron books | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Mahotsaha Dasa, Matthew Webb, Alex Warner
Sagemoon Hollow Creations | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Amber Litfin, Laurent Smith
Salem Powell | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Salem Powell
Sam Lotfi | AA-TBA
Sam Lotfi
Mosely, Young Alfred: Pain in the Butler, Harley Quinn, Superman, Flash, Last Stop on the Red Line, TMNT, Ash VS Army of Darkness
Sarah A. Macklin | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Sarah A. Macklin
Sarah Amundson / Brylliant Design | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Sarah Amundson, Katie Bryl
Draw Out The Vote, Limit Break Comics “Down Below”
Sarah Miller Creations | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Sarah Miller
Chaosium Artist
SJB Savage Ink | AA-TBA
SJ Barinka
Scott Blair | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Scott Blair, Mike Groves
Vamps vs Wolves, Zombie Tramp, Lady Death
Sean Carlson | AA-TBA
Sean Carlson
Sedat Oezgen | AA-TBA
Sedat Oezgen
Valiant, IDW, Dynamite
Selcouth Comics | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Julian Staton
Shane Douberly Illustration | AA-TBA
Shane Douberly
Travel Channel/Discovery+, INE, Braille Skateboarding, MSCHF, Watch it Scream, Whoven, Shriekfest, Cry For A Bad Man Productions
Shawn McCauley | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Shawn McCauley, Seth Talley
Shadows of Oblivion, Dalrak the Mighty, Sheena Queen of the Jungle, 10 Deadliest Sharks, Monster Hunter Survival Guide, Grim Fairy Tails, Ritual
Shen Leidigh | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Shen Leidigh
Genel Jumalon, Sophia Kenton
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
Sam Blanchard
Monkeys Fighting Robots Magazine
Shottsy Arts | AA-TBA
Shana Schottenstein
Sketch Cartel | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Franco Te
Tales of Frenzy, Marvel, Cartoon Network, DreamWorks
Skullshokr Art of Brad Voth | AA-TBA
Brad Voth
Tax et: A Westbrooke Story, Angus of the North: Search for Blackwoods Dragon, Marvel Sketch Cards with Upper Deck
smolivco | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Olivia Lebolt, Song Kang
Soby Doodles and Asmodeus Jewelers | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Kelly Cousins, Caitlin "Lex" Swinson
Spencer Bonez Design & Illustration | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Spencer Enriquez
Spillville Iconography Limited | AA-TBA
John Gray Spillman
Visual Design Class of 2023
Starchild Comics - Cosby Media Productions | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Braxton A. Cosby, Shontel Cosby
Novels and Comics
Steven Beezer | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Steven Beezer, Phil Back
Zombie Truckers, Astounding Tales Presents: The Sidekick, Astounding Tales Presents: Ruthless Villains, Keenspot Comics, Trash City
StitchToons! by Disney Artist Jonathan Hallett | HE/HIM | AA-232
Jonathan Hallett
Emmy Nomination for "The Aquabats Supershow!", Storyboard artist for "Hereditary", Disney Storyboard Artist for: High School Musical, Andi Mack Show, Minutemen
Swan Drawn | HE/HER | AA-TBA
Swan Ly
Sxull Kidd | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Sxull Kidd
Tim Showers
The D Ward
TaffyPaints | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Stephanie Pedersoli, Carolyn Valentine
Taryn Cozzy | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Taryn Cozzy
TGC Customs | AA-TBA
Jeffrey Head , Grant Head
ThatLilBeanSprout | SHE/THEY | AA-TBA
Emily Hampson, Steven Hampson
The Art of Joey Quintin | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Joey Quintin
The Art Of Sketchy Eddie | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Eddie Lenzer, Savannah Morton
The Artist Gem | AA-TBA
Gwen Moore: THEY/THEM, Lauren Rogers: SHE/HER
Untold Treasures: A Pirate Zine, Slumber Party Zine, Level Ground Comics
The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie, LLC | AA-TBA
Tim Reynolds
The Etherians | AA-TBA
Quiana Spring, Deoh Hall, Demario Hall, Demetrius Hall
The Grumpy Sprite | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Kyrie Snyder, Dallas Davis
The Needy Nerd | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Allyson thorp
The New Futurists | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Ben Bolling, Luis Valero-Suarez
It Happens at Comic-Con, Southern Gothic, Into the Omniverse
The Savage SandBox | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Dennis R. Valencia, Christopher Michael
The Celestial Knight, The Convictor, Caspian Porter, The Monsters Clean-Up Guy, Colt
The Time Police Web-comic | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Ben Hill - artist, James Solomon - writer
Theseus: the Graphic Novel | AA-TBA
Jordan Holt
Theseus Vol. 1 & 2
Tiffany Petitt Illustration | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Tiffany Petitt
Reading with Filos, Ben the Brave, Wallie the Whale
Till Death Press | AA-TBA
Bailey Till, Riley Till
Timebound Entertainment | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Randyl Bishop, Mark Wright (Saturday Only)
TITTYBATS/Matt Mikolaitis
Toni D Studio | AA-TBA
Toni Van Natta, Andrew Van Natta
Tony Fero | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Tony Fero
Rubber Wolf? Comix, Gore Shriek Delectus 2020, Tales to Enlighten 2
Tony McMillen | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Tony McMillen
Attaboy, Serious Creatures, Lumen, Bounce House Bazaar
Tony Moy Arts | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Tony Moy
X-files, The Mainstream, D&D
ToonSt3f | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Stefan Zenkner, Karmen Yu, Sibelle Zenkner
Travis Bannister | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Travis Bannister
Tales of Cape Fear
Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz | AA-TBA
Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz
Area 51: The Helix Project, Minutes to Midnight: The Hour Between Life & Death
Triclops Rabbit | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Jade Lui
Twisted Wire Art / Kevis Mitchell | AA-TBA
Kevis Mitchell
Tyrell Cannon | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Tyrell Cannon
The Schlub
Victor Alpi | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Victor Alpi
Viet's Custom Toys | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Viet Huynh
Warfighter Books | AA-TBA
Christian Freed
The Forgotten Gods Tales, The Northern Crusade, The Histories of Malweir, Immortality Shattered, The Lazarus Men Agenda, Coward’s Truth: A Novel of the Heart Eternal, Tomorrow's Demise: The Extinction Campaign, Tomorrow’s Demise: Salvation, A Long Way From Home: My Time in Iraq and Afghanistan 2002-2006
Warren Montgomery | AA-TBA
Warren Montgomery
Boom! Studios, Random House Graphic, Dark Horse
Wayward Cross Studios | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
Landon Franklin, Brandon Franklin
Aftershock, Alterna comics, Antarctic Press, Broken Icon Comics, Black Box Comics
WildStar Press | THEY/THEM | AA-TBA
Akira Brown
Self and Indie Published
Wolly McNair | AA-TBA
4th Wall Productions
Archie Comics, IDW, 21 Draw Inc, Topps, Nike, Decimation Earth
XanCon Entertainment | HE/HIM | AA-TBA
DC Horn
Xavier Robbins | AA-TBA
Xavier Robbins
Yasbool | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Yasmin Solares, Noah Bridges
Zachary Driggers | AA-TBA
Zachary Driggers
Zenko with ZakuroMedia | SHE/HER | AA-TBA
Self published through Ingram Lightning Source

If you have purchased space and are not listed here, or are listed but there is a typo or other problem, please email us. If you have purchased your table in the last week or so give it some time; also thanks in advance for being patient with us--we get a lot of emails and try to get to them all.

JUNE 16-18, 2023
Charlotte Convention Center

501 S. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

1-day Pass: $35 per person FRI-SAT; $30 SUN
3-day Pass: $65 per person
VIP* 3-Day Advance Pass*: SOLD OUT - $100 per person (Limited to 350 tickets)
(*VIP Pass Quantities Limited - Includes: Early Entry, HeroesCon T-Shirt, 3-Day VIP Badge w/Lanyard, & Exclusive Print!)

16 & Under get in FREE with paying adult!

Friday, June 16: 11AM-7PM
Saturday, June 17: 10AM-6PM
Sunday, June 18: 11AM-6PM

*Advance 3-Day VIP Pass Holders Will Be Allowed Onto the Show Floor 30 Minutes Before Regular 3-Day Pass & General Admission Attendees Each Day.

417 Pecan Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28204
Fax: 704.375.7464

Mailing Address:
PO Box 9181
Charlotte, NC 28299-9181

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Includes: One 6' table, two chairs, and two Artist Alley passes for the show, per table. Great for a solo venture or a two-person team.

Want to be added to the Waiting List
for an Artist Alley Table?

To be added to this waiting list, please send an email to
Karla @heroesonline. If a space opens up, we will email you ASAP.


ADDITIONAL SEATS: You may add ONE additional seat per purchased Artist Alley table(s) for an additional $75 per additional seat. No exceptions. We want everyone to have the most pleasant and comfortable show they can, and overcrowded tables are the opposite of pleasant and comfortable.

Paid Artist Alley Tables max out at TWO tables per Artist.
If you would like to reserve more space than two 6' Artist Alley tables at our show, please consider reserving a 10'x10' Exhibitor Booth.

NOTE: Paid Artists Alley table spaces are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations held over from the 2020 and 2021 Heroes Conventions will be placed first. If you have seating preferences, there is a space on the Artists Alley Application to provide requests if you have them. Please know, that though we try as hard as we can to honor these, it is impossible to honor all of them. We thank you for your understanding!

No space is reserved without payment in full. Artist Reservations from our 2020 and 2021 Conventions that were unable to set up at our 2022 Heroes Convention have transferred to our 2023 show at this time.



Some Artists and Creators prefer a larger set-up. Exhibitor Booths are sold as 10' x 10' spaces, and include four exhibitor passes for the weekend. Additional Exhibitor passes may be purchased for $75 each if necessary.
*Tables and chairs can be rented through our decorator, or Exhibitors may provide their own.