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Staff Picks :: Runaways #2 :: Wednesday, July 7, 2015

July 07, 2015 By: Heather Peagler Category: Staff Picks

staff_picks heather_staff_picksHEATHER’S PICK :: RUNAWAYS #2: I missed out on picking Runaways #1 since it came out the week of HeroesCon and things were just a little bit busy around here. I didn’t even have a chance to glance at the issue until the Monday after HeroesCon. I did have a chance for an all too brief chat with artist, Sanford Greene and was a little dismayed to learn that Molly Hayes was the only original Runaway to be appearing in the new series. I didn’t exclaim out loud what I was thinking which was “No Arsenic and Old Lace?!?”. (Seriously find a way to work Old Lace into the new story and I will love you forever.)

After reading the dinosaur free first issue, I found myself intrigued and I would be entirely remiss not to pick the second issue. ¬†The premise of the Battleworld Runaways is a school for the “gifted” set up by Dr. Doom. ¬†Joining Molly are some familiar (to me) faces, Jubilee, Pixie, Cloak and Dagger, and even Bucky Barnes as a hall monitor! Issue two’s final exam for the freshmen class seems to be setting up the rebellion against authority that features in the original series. ¬†Written by Noelle Stevenson (of Lumberjanes-have you read Lumberjanes, yet?!?) and drawn by the aforementioned Greene, this is one Battleworld story that will be on my pull list!

Psssssss: if you love Old Lace as much as I do, be sure to pick up Runaways The Complete Collection Volume 4 that came out last week.runaways



January 05, 2015 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks heather_staff_picksHEATHER’S PICK :: UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #1: Confession time, I had never heard of Squirrel Girl until a Free Comic Book Day a few years ago when a local cosplayer, Amberle, showed up in a most amazing costume.¬† A bigger confession, until someone told me that she was a Marvel character, I thought Amberle just really loved squirrels.¬† This week I will be able to start learning all about Doreen Green and her best squirrel friend, Tippy Toe.¬† Doreen is leaving her secret apartment in the attic of Avengers Mansion (I seriously love that little detail and all of the fun things that are stored up there) and heading off to college to study computer science.

Written by¬†Ryan North, adorably rendered by¬†Erica Henderson, and colored by Heroes’ very own, Rico Renzi, this all ages tale is sure to thrill.¬† I for one can’t wait to have another female centric book from Marvel to read. ¬†Did I mention there’s an awesome Skottie Young variant cover and an Art Adams variant as well?!? Don’t be a nut and miss out on this great new book!



October 27, 2014 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks heather_staff_picksHEATHER’S PICK ::¬†RASPUTIN #1: There were so many points in Russian history that I found absolutely fascinating when I was in school.¬† The Romanovs in particular were very interesting, especially in light of their association with¬†Grigori Rasputin, rumored mystic and faith healer and adviser to the Tsar.¬† Rasputin’s rise in the Russian aristocracy has all the makings of a modern day soap opera: alleged affairs with the Tsarina and other princesses, the close friendship with the Tsar who brushes off all allegations, the seemingly miraculous healing of a sick and adored child, and multiple conspiracies to commit murder.¬† Even Rasputin’s death is still shrouded in mystery as who ultimately killed him and how. Poisoned, shot, stabbed, beaten, drowned, or all of the above? Was this mystical figure really that hard to kill?

I can’t wait to see this story brought to life in a comic.¬† Image has found excellent footing in the genre comics section with sound exploration outside of the tights and capes that many non-comics readers expect.¬† Writer Alex Grecian and artist Riley Rossmo sound like they have done their research into the convoluted world of Rasputin and it looks like they will have a twisted tale to share and I look forward to following along.


October 14, 2014 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks heather_staff_picksHEATHER’S PICK :: MS MARVEL VOLUME ONE: If you haven’t been reading one of my favorite comics, this week is an excellent opportunity to start.¬† Written by G. Willow Wilson and drawn by Adrian Alphona, Ms. Marvel tells the story of¬†Kamala Khan, an American teen that assumes the form (at least temporarily) of Ms. Marvel.¬† It’s both well written and well illustrated and it belongs in the hands of as many readers as possible.

Given that Kamala is new to the Marvel universe, this is an excellent choice for readers new to comics and to Marvel.¬† There’s no over-burdensome back story that requires multiple searches on wikipedia, just a powerful story about teen seeking her place in the world.¬† The creators explore both her struggles as a typical teen and as a new superhero which in many ways reminds me of the early television seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
There’s a lot of debate about women in comics as characters and creators.¬† Ms. Marvel is an example of a book full of role models for young women in the pages and behind the creation of those pages.
Bonus Pick: If you’re current with the series, #9 is also out¬†tomorrow¬†with one of my favorite four legged Marvel characters appearing!

Top Ten Reasons to Attend HeroesCon’s Drink and Draw

June 17, 2014 By: Heather Peagler Category: Comics Industry, DISCUSS, EVENTS, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, HeroesCon, HeroesCon News, NEWS, Schedule, Special Offers

hc-logo no dates
hc-logo no dates
This year marks the fourth annual HeroesCon/Team Cul de Sac Drink and Draw. ¬†This event has grown each year as has the amount of money you wonderful people contribute in the fight against Parkinson’s. ¬†If you’ve never attended or it’s been awhile since you’ve made it, here are my Top Ten Reasons to Attend!
10. ¬†What’s more relaxing after a first day on the con floor than having a few drinks in the swanky Hilton lobby? The staff at the Hilton was amazing last year. ¬†They featured super hero drinks on special last year, and may have some new ones this year!
9. ¬†Not only can you kick back with some delicious drinks, you can do so while enjoying some free live music by Raleigh, NC based Jack the Radio. ¬†The guys were ¬†great addition last year and I can’t wait to hear what their acoustic sets have to offer this year. You can get a preview of the guys here.
Jack the Radio at 2013 Drink and Draw

Jack the Radio at the 2013 Drink and Draw

8. Swag!! This year not only will you be able to purchase fabulous original art, but Limited Edition Drink and Draw prints with art by Alexis Ziritt and special Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find t-shirts will be available. ¬†Team Cul de Sac’s Chris Sparks also has too many great auction items to list!
7. ¬†It’s quite impressive for a group of people to put in a long day of work at the con and then extend that day into the late night in the name of a good cause. ¬†Give your HeroesCon Drink and Draw crew a hand, and maybe a drink or two to thank them for all their hard work. ¬†Seth will once again be emceeing this event and I will also be joining him on the mic this year! ¬†This is a cause that is near and dear to both of our hearts, and the Heroes family as well.

Seth and Justin at the 2013 Drink and Draw

Seth and Justin at the 2013 Drink and Draw

6. Not only will there be Drink and Draw art created live while you watch in the Hilton, but artists from all over have sent in pieces for you to bid on! Some of these artists don’t normally sell sketches outside of their books so this is a great opportunity to own some amazing original art you will not be able to find anywhere else. ¬†Not to drop names, but comics greats like Art¬†Spiegelman and Stephan Pastis are sending art this year!
5. ¬†All of the proceeds of the Drink and Draw go to Team Cul de Sac which raises money for Parkinson’s research. ¬†TCDS was founded by Chris Sparks with Richard Thompson after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Chris wanted to do something to help his friend. ¬†This is an amazing cause and we are so happy to be a part of the fundraising efforts.
2013 Drink and Draw

2013 Drink and Draw

4.  You may have seen the article in the New York Post or the Press Release on this very blog, but in case you missed it, we will have on display the original Pearls Before Swine strips that Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes fame did with Stephan Pastis this month.  The original art will also be on display behind the Art Stage all weekend during convention hours.
3. ¬†Do you collect original art? The Drink and Draw presents the opportunity to pick up some very unique pieces at great prices. ¬†¬†Didn’t have a chance to chat with some of your favorite artists on the con floor? A growing number of the pros at HeroesCon are attending the Drink and Draw. ¬†If your personal favorite isn’t there, maybe you’ll find a new one or two.
A sampling of original art!

A sampling of original art!

2.  The Drink and Draw is a much smaller venue than the con floor and it is a wonderful time to spend time with friends and make new ones.  The community and support that has grown around this event has been amazing.  What started as a small crowd at Fuel Pizza has expanded to the Hilton hotel bar featuring live music in just a few years time.
1. ¬†I mentioned above that all the proceeds raised go to Parkinson’s research, but the number one reason to attend the Drink and¬†Draw is to honor Richard Thompson. ¬†Richard was actually in attendance at our very first Drink and Draw in 2011. ¬†He has not been able to join us physically since, but we know he’s here with us in spirit and happy to see such a great art community of both artists and fans honor his contribution to comics.

Richard and Roger Langridge at the 2011 Drink and Draw.

Richard and Roger Langridge at the 2011 Drink and Draw.



Want to see more of past Drink and Draws? Here are photos from 2011, 2012, and 2013.

The HeroesCon Drink and Draw event takes place on Friday, June 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the Hilton Center City atrium located at 222 E 3rd St, Charlotte, NC 28202. HeroesCon’s first Drink and Draw event was in 2011, modeled after the Drink and Draw Social Club founded by comic artists Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian and Jeff Johnson. That event and every one since has raised money for Team Cul de Sac, the organization founded in honor of Cul de Sac cartoonist Richard Thompson that raises money and awareness for Parkinson’s Research.




April 03, 2014 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks heather_staff_picksHEATHER’S PICKS: It’s a two for one staff pick for me this week thanks to Marvel debuting solo books of two of my favorite characters this week. ¬†That’s right, both Doop and Nightcrawler are getting their own series this spring. ¬†I’m not sure how one week is going to be able to contain so much awesomeness.

DOOP #1: I was excited about the Doop mini-series from the moment it was announced. ¬†Then I saw the previews for the first issue and I nearly punched someone, my excitement was so great. ¬†Those pages from David Lafuente look amazing. ¬†It’s also good to see Doop in the hands of one his creators, Peter Milligan. ¬†I am so glad I only have to wait less than a week to read this book for the first of what is sure to be a million times.

NIGHTCRAWLER #1: Jason Aaron was one of my favorite writers before he brought Nightcrawler back, but the return of one of the best blue guys in comics earned him a permanent spot on that list. ¬†I’m looking forward to Chris Claremont and Todd Nauck taking on Nightcrawler’s return to the X-Men. ¬†I hope he has many new adventures in store (especially pirate adventures…).


February 10, 2014 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks


Two weeks in a row of a new strong female centered book!! Go Marvel! I’m quite excited to read a comic about an attorney written by an attorney as well. ¬†Being in the profession myself, I sometimes find myself banging my head on inanimate objects when legal concepts are written so terribly wrong (how hard is it to google the Bill of Rights?!?) Color me Shulkie green that I can’t crack a conference room table in half with a single finger. ¬†Talk about ending your argument on a strong note!

It’s my understanding this is to be more along the lines of the current Hawkeye book as a “day in the life” of Jennifer Walters so we’ll be following her in the office and courtroom as well as battling baddies. ¬†I’m actually much more interested in her legal battles then her physical ones, although it appears she’ll have cute shoes for both!


February 04, 2014 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks heather_staff_picksHEATHER’S PICK :: MS MARVEL #1: I don’t have much prior knowledge of Ms. Marvel so I don’t have the concerns that fans of the Carol Danvers might bring to this new incarnation of the character. ¬†I am just looking forward to reading this new female driven comic unburdened from any expectations of the former Ms. Marvel. ¬†I like the dichotomy of a teenage girl dealing with both the expectations of her culture and balancing her super hero powers. I can’t help but adore her Avengers fanfic in the first issue that seems to have a snarky dose of My Little Pony intertwined. ¬†(Poor Rainbow Toots!!) Just trust me and read it to find out that unicorn’s fate.

There’s been a lot of conversation of late about diversity in comics (both in the subject matter and the creators) so let’s take a moment to be happy about both a female writer and Pakistani American girl coming together for what looks like a fun and interesting title this month.




September 10, 2013 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks heather_staff_picksHEATHER’S PICK :: X-MEN #5:¬†You guys, Battle of the Atom did not disappoint! I am enthusiastically selecting X-Men #5 this week which is part 3 of the Battle of the Atom event. I really like the way the story is flowing through all the X-Men books. ¬†I will even be picking up the Uncanny X-Men issues which is the only title included in this event that I am not currently reading. ¬†I won’t include any spoilers here as this is such a new story line, but I squealed out loud to see a certain character reveal. ¬†I can’t wait to see how the tensions between X-Men of past, present, and future play out across some of my favorite books.




September 02, 2013 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks heather_staff_picksHEATHER’S PICK :: X-MEN: BATTLE OF THE ATOM #1: Uh oh, I feel the pull into my first ever Marvel event coming with X-Men: Battle of Atom #1. ¬†I’m reading more X-Men books than ever with Wolverine and the X-Men, All New X-Men (hey, #16 is also out this week!), and X-Men (that I refer to as X-Ladies in my head) and I am even going to throw Deadpool into this list given his happy appearance on one of the variant #1 covers. So with a deep breath, I will be diving headfirst into Battle of the Atom and hoping for the best with all my X-Favorites. ¬†With X-Men converging from the past, present and the future, it’s sure to be an interesting tale.XMenBattleOfTheAtom_1_Cover



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