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July 26, 2012 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Looking Ahead, Spotlight on New Releases

Every week Heroes staff members and friends of the store will choose a book they are excited about to share here on the blog. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what books you are looking forward to here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! Thanks, over to you Heather! -rico.

HEATHER’S PICK :: THE MUPPETS #2: Summer’s heat is upon us and just in time for the Summer issue of the Four Seasons mini-series. The Muppets are throwing a beach party to take our minds of the soaring temperatures.  Fozzie has plans of his own as a better offer has him choosing a new troupe over his current comedy partner, Scooter.  Roger Langridge’s storytelling is a sure cure for these dog days of summer.




July 24, 2012 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, NEWS, Spotlight on New Releases

Before getting to this week’s  new books we’d like to take a minute to let you know that next week we’ll be kicking off some new segments on the Heroes Blog.  Instead of our usual Spotlight on New Releases column, we’ll be featuring a weekly Staff Picks column where different Heroes staffers offer insight into what new books they’re individually excited about.  Also, expect more reviews, interviews and guest columnists over the next several months.  As always, the Heroes Blog will remain the first place to receive any updates about HeroesCon and any of our store events like the  Heroes Pop Swap, the Charlotte Mini Con and more.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions about what you’d like to see on the Heroes Blog, leave a comment below or drop an email to chief bloggers Rico or Seth.  Thanks for reading!

1) Groo the Wanderer Artist Edition HC

I’ve written at length about the glory that has been the previous Artist Editions.  This week you can enjoy full sized Groo pages just as the great Sergio Aragones crafted them.  These are always worth a look, and any of the earlier editions are worthy of finding a home in your library.  They offer a new way of enjoying some of comics’ classic stories, and it’s hard not to be impressed by the large scale of these books.

2) National Comics: Eternity #1

Tired of continuity-thick comics and crossovers?  DC offers up an alternative to those with this new series.  These are stand alone comics designed to be accessible to readers of any kind.  This issue by Jeff Lemire and Cully Hamner features a new take on Kid Eternity, with the character this time around splitting time between heroics and a job as a medical examiner.  It’s worth a look just because of the talented creators involved with this issue.

3) Underwater Welder GN

Jeff Lemire is undoubtedly a prolific creator.  Somewhere between writing Animal Man, Frankenstein, Justice League Dark and writing and illustrating Sweet Tooth, Lemire found time to write and illustrate a brand new graphic novel.  This one features some themes familiar to Lemire fans, namely loss, family and isolation.  There are some truly impressive pages in this book, and Lemire seems to have grown even more confident and capable in his visual art.  Heroes Blog contributer Heather got a chance to read an advanced copy, and you can check out her review of it right HERE.

4) Secret Avengers #29

Rick Remender is thankfully still on board this book, but joining him for this one is Matteo Scalera.  Some of you who attended this year’s HeroesCon might remember his excellent Loki piece created for the art auction.  Scalera’s a good fit to kick off this new story that features the covert Avengers facing off against a brand new Masters of Evil.  All this and yet another fine cover by Art Adams!

5) DC Super Pets Galore!

There are six different new Super Pets books hitting the shelves this week, and all of them are perfect for your young reader.  Some of the titles include Cat Crime Club, Night of the Scaredy Crows and Swamp Thing vs. Zombie Pets.  Also, it’s worth mentioning that all of these are illustrated by Art Baltazar, who many of you will remember as the artist of Tiny Titans and the new Superman Family Adventures.  It’s a great week to pick up some new comics for your kids!

> Bonus Picks of the Week: X-treme X-men #1, Daredevil by Mark Waid vol. 1 TP, Manhattan Projects #5, Hit Girl #2, Star Wars: Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead #4, Before Watchmen: Comedian #2, Batula HC, Avengers #28, Wolverine and the X-men #14 and Flannery O’Conner Cartoons HC.

Batman: Incorporated #3 was supposed to be released this week, but out of respect for the victims and families of the recent Colorado tragedy, DC has pushed the release date back one month to August 22.  We’ll have the books available for you then.



July 17, 2012 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Spotlight on New Releases

1) Blacksad: A Silent Hell HC

This is a book most of the staff has been clamoring for since it was announced.  Blacksad is essentially an anthropomorphic detecitve story that’s so well done you almost forget that the characters are animals.  This import from France is  full of Juanjo Guarnido’s lush watercolors which perfectly complement Juan Díaz Canales’ gritty story.  Factor in the fact that this volume takes place in 1950’s New Orleans, and you’ve got an even bigger reason to check out why so many people enjoy this beautiful book.


2) Captain Marvel #1

It’s always a good week when a strong female super hero gets a new title.  This one from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy deals with the former Ms. Marvel’s new role as Captain Marvel.  She’s always been one of Marvel’s strongest and most interesting characters, and it should be fun to see DeConnick’s take on the next chapter of the always evolving Carol Danvers.



3) Jack Davis: Drawing American Pop Culture HC

You might not know the name Jack Davis, but you undoubtedly know his art.  As one of comics most versatile cartoonists, Davis has worked on everything from horror stories for EC Comics, to humor in Mad Magazine.  He’s also illustrated many memorable movie posters like The Bad News Bears, and provided politically-themed covers for Time Magazine.  And if you happen to have missed any of those, I’m sure you remember his advertising work like the Spalding campaign featuring Dr. J. and Rick Barry.  This is definitely the pick for art book of the week, and something all you art fans should add to your library.


4) Concrete: Three Uneasy Pieces one shot

This new one shot collects the three newest Concrete stories as they appeared in the recently relaunched Dark Horse Presents.  Paul Chadwick’s Concrete remains relevant because at its heart it examines humanity, and how the title character tries to hold on to his, even though his body is no longer a human’s.  This is a fine place to start if you’re looking to read a smart story that maintains many of the trappings of a super hero comic.

Bonus Picks of the Week: Avengers vs. X-men #8, Saga #5, Adventure Time #6, Infernal Man-Thing #2, Wonder Woman #11, Justice League #11, Kiss #2, Mars Attacks #2, Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2, Baltimore: Dr. Leskovar’s Remedy #2, and two new books featuring work from Charlotte’s own Jason Latour: art in Wolverine #309 and story in Untold Tales of PunisherMax #2.



July 11, 2012 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Spotlight on New Releases

It’s a big week for new releases, so let’s get right to the books!

1) Parker: The Score HC

It’s always worth mentioning a new project from Darwyn Cooke.  This third adaptation of Richard Stark’s Parker books is sure to continue in the classic crime vein of the first two books, and it’s guaranteed to have incredible art from Cooke.  There’s really not much more I can say other than to remind Cooke fans about this one, and encourage crime fans who haven’t given the Parker books a try to finally pick this one up.

2) Walking Dead #100

This one makes the list for two reasons.  1) It’s already a huge selling title for shop regulars and those who stumbled onto it via the t.v. series.  2) It’s a milestone issue, so even more people will be looking to pick up a copy.  In other words, this is one of those books that’s bound to sell out, probably sooner than later.  Make sure you pick up your copy before they’re all gone.

3) Adventure Time Presents Marceline and the Scream Queens #1

Another surefire pick of the week, this one, like all Adventure Time comics, will definitely be one to remember.  The cool thing about this series is that it features some great cartoonists like Meredith Gran and Jen Wang, and covers by the likes of Ming Doyle, Chynna Clugston, Colleen Coover and Kate Beaton.

4) God and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls HC

Everybody knows Jaime Hernandez is one of the best when it comes to amazing cartooning and portraying realistic characters.  As a result of his genius work on the Maggie and Hopey stories, his superhero and science fiction stories sometimes get forgotten about.  This week’s new hardcover not only collects the entire Ti-Girls Adventures from Love and Rockets: New Stories, but features a brand new 30 page story, faux Ti-Girls covers, expanded scenes, an epilogue and more!

5) Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide vol. 42 SC/HC

We regularly get questions about when the newest volume of the Overstreet Price Guide will arrive, so we’re happy to say it’s this week!  This year features two covers, one being a beautiful rendition of Catwoman by Adam Hughes and the other being Joe Jusko’s painted interpretation  of a classic Avengers cover by John Buscema!

> Bonus Picks of the Week: AVX #4, Batman #11Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge vol. 1 HC: Poor Old Man, Massive #2, Wolverine and the X-men #13, Crow #1, Avengers Assemble #5, Hellboy vol. 5 Library Edition, Uncanny X-force #27, Ant Man Season One HC, Swamp Thing #11, Before Watchmen: Minutemen #2, Avenging Spider-man #9, Conan the Barbarian #6, Batgirl vol. 1 HC, Chew: Secret Agent Poyo #1, Bloodshot #1 and Big John Buscema Comics and Drawings HC.



July 03, 2012 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Spotlight on New Releases

Happy Independence Day from all of us at Heroes!  It’s a rare thing for new books to be released on a holiday, so take advantage of it and let comics be a part of your celebration!

1) Batman: Earth One HC

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are behind this new continuity-free graphic novel that examines the early days of Batman.  Like Superman: Earth One from a few years ago, this book is ideal for new readers, while still appealing to diehard fans.  By operating outside of regular continuity, the creators have an easier time of investigating the humanity, strengths and shortcomings of these iconic characters.

2) He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1

There are plenty of us out there who grew up with He-Man being a part of our eighties cartoon diet.  This new series from DC appeals not only to that fanbase, but offers intrigue to non-Masters fans as well.  For example, isn’t it interesting that DC would publish a new He-Man series now?  And more than that, that they’d enlist James Robinson and Philip Tan to bring the story to readers?  Curious indeed.

3) Infernal Man-Thing #1

There are plenty of reasons to give this book a try: 1) It was written by the late, great Steve Gerber. 2) It features amazing art from the masterful Kevin Nowlan. 3) Marvel is offering this issue with bonus content and no ads.  This one’s already been getting advanced buzz, so don’t forget it this week.

4) Muppets #1

In our second lost-in-limbo pick of the week we have the final Muppets stories from Roger Langridge.  Roger wrote and illustrated these four issues before Boom! Studios lost the rights to the Muppets, and we’re all fortunate that they’re finally seeing print.  Not only are these stories full of timeless Muppet humor, but they’re full of the classic cartooning you can always expect from Langridge.

5) Avengers vs. X-men #7

Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel handle this issue of Marvel’s big event.  The teasers say the words “No More Avengers” will be uttered.  Regardless of when and how that happens, give this issue a look. Coipel’s doing some fine work here.

> Bonus Picks of the Week: Action Comics #11, World’s Finest #3, Animal Man #11, Wolverine #310, Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #1, Thief of Thieves #6, Creator Owned Heroes #2, Rocketeer Adventures 2 #4, Earth 2 #3, Battlepug vol. 1 HC, Fairest #5 and Popeye #3.



June 27, 2012 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Spotlight on New Releases

It’s only been a few days since we wrapped up our huge HeroesCon 30th Anniversary, but rest assured, there are plenty of great new books hitting shelves this week.  We’ve been humbled by the many kind words so many of you (attendees, vendors and creators) have shared with us about your HeroesCon experiences this year.  We hope you had a great time, and hope you’re already looking forward to HeroesCon 2013 (June 7-9, 2013) as much as we are!

1) David Mazzucchelli Daredevil Born Again Artist Edition HC

IDW has repeatedly blown us away with their amazing Artist Editions, and this week’s Born Again may be one of the best.  If you haven’t yet seen these books, they reprint the original artist’s pages in their actual dimensions, so you’re not only able to see specific techniques they used, but can really appreciate the skill that goes into the creation of these classic stories.  It’s yet another reminder of how incredible a cartoonist David Mazzucchelli was and still remains.

2) Fatale vol. 1 TP

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ horror-noir story finally sees its first collection this week.  The single issues represented here have all gone to multiple printings, and for good reason.  This book continues to be a fine addition to the duo’s catalogue of quality crime comics.  If you missed any of the single issues, it’s well worth picking this one up.

3) Gloriana HC

This new hardcover collects several stories from cartoonist Kevin Huizenga.  Most of these previously appeared in Huizenga comics like Or Else, but there are some extras in here as well.  Huizenga is an interesting cartoonist who manages to combine philosophical musings on the mundane with an art style that is both accesible and complex at different points.

4) The Lovely Horrible Stuff HC

Most of you know cartoonist Eddie Campbell for his work on From Hell and his groundbreaking autobiographical Alec comics.  In recent years he’s continued to expand his already extensive catalogue with books like  The Playwright and The Fate of the Artist.  In this new book from Top Shelf, Campbell examines money, how it has worked in different societies, and how it changes for people over time.  It should be another solid comic from an always thought-provoking cartoonist.

5) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen III Century #3: 2009

Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill offer up their latest League story this week.  It’s definitely worth a look, if for no other reason than to see how the creators bring the League into more recent history.  Sure, Alan Moore is controversial at times, but it’s hard to deny the storytelling employed in the League books.

> Bonus Picks of the Week: Spider-men #2, Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #1, Superman Family Adventures #2, Batman Incorporated #2, Star Wars: Blood Ties: Boba Fett Is Dead #3, Joe Sacco’s Journalism HC.



June 13, 2012 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Spotlight on New Releases

It’s hard to believe that the 30th Anniversary of HeroesCon will be here next week!  While we make sure all our i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, all of you make sure to go ahead and purchase your advanced 3 day pass.  Simply click over HERE and you’ll soon be on your way to joining us for all the comics fun!  Now to the new releases.

1) Spider-Men #1

In what looks to be one of the summer’s biggest events, Brian Bendis and Sara Pichelli bring together Peter Parker Spider-man with Ultimate Spider-man Miles Morales for the first time.  While it’s no coincidence that this meeting takes place in Spidey’s 50th Anniversary year, it’s already getting positive early reviews.  Also available is our very own Heroes variant cover for the book.  It’s another cool part of our own 30th Anniversary of HeroesCon.

2) Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1

It’s week two of the huge Before Watchmen event, and as with last week’s Minutemen, this one features some great talents. Minutemen writer Darwyn Cooke handles the story for this series, while artist extraordinaire Amanda Conner provides the art.  It’s like I said in last week’s Spotlight: regardless of where you stand on these new prequels, it’s hard to deny the fact that there are some quality creators tackling this huge project.

3) The Massive #1

Dark Horse brings us Brian Wood’s latest new series, which ponders the question “Can you save a planet that’s already doomed?”  Wood and artist Kristian Donaldson offer up a story of environmentalists trying to live and work on a post apocalyptic Earth.  If you’ve read previous Wood books like DMZ, you know he’s got a knack for handling stories that are both political and intriguing, and this series looks to be a fine follow up to that title.

4) Conan the Barbarian #5

If you only read the recent Brian Wood/Becky Cloonan issues of this new series, you owe it to yourself to hunt down issue 4 and this week’s issue 5.  Wood is still on board for the story, but he’s joined by rising artist James Harren, who some of you might remember from the recent B.P.R.D.: The Long Death mini series.  Harren, who will be one of our guests next week at HeroesCon, is producing art that is both frightening and kinetic.  He’s definitely an artist to keep your eye on, and the Conan  fans among you should really enjoy his work on this series.

5) Kiss #1

Kiss remains a popular entertainment venture, and whenever they appear in a new comic, it always sells quickly.  This new series from IDW stars the band as ordinary guys in the 1920’s, who then undergo some typically Kiss-type transformations courtesy of writer Chris Ryall and artist Jamal Igle (who will be joining us at HeroesCon next week).  This one’s guaranteed to fly off the shelves, so pick it up early!

>Bonus Picks of the Week: Batman #10, Uncanny X-force #26, Avenging Spider-man vol. 1 HCGreen Lantern #10, Carnage U.S.A. HC, Ravagers #2, Daredevil (by Mark Waid) vol. 2 HC, Avengers Assemble #4, and Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #10.



June 06, 2012 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Spotlight on New Releases

It’s the first week of June, and with HeroesCon right around the corner, we want to make sure to remind you to pick up an advanced three day pass.  You can pick them up at your next visit to our store, or order them online HERE.

1) Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1

DC’s new Watchmen stories will undoubtedly be among the year’s best selling titles.  There’s plenty of controversy surrounding these books, but regardless of where you stand on the issue, everyone can take some measure of solace in knowing that there are some fantastic creators working on these books.  Case in point, this week’s Minutemen, which features story and art from the great Darwyn Cooke.  There’s also a Crimson Corsair backup from Len Wein and John Higgins.

2) Popeye #2

The first issue of IDW’s new Popeye series kind of surprised everyone, even though it shouldn’t have.  Roger Langridge continues to show that he’s as able a writer as he is a cartoonist, and the art by Bruce Ozella, Ken Wheaton and Tom Neely is very respectful to the original works by Segar.  This issue also features covers from both Langridge and acclaimed cartoonist Tony Millionaire.  Even if you’re not well-versed in Popeye lore, this is an accessible and entertaining series that will remind you why these characters have been around for so long.

3) Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes GN

This week’s pick for ‘Art Book’ of the week might not easily be classified as such.  This is a study and exploration of side streets and landscpes artist Michael Cho observed and captured in his hometown of Toronto.  It’s not exactly a narrative book, but Cho’s impressive art will still give you plenty of information about the identities of the city.

4) Creator Owned Heroes #1

Image debuts a new series this week that features the likes of Steve Niles, Kevin Mellon, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Phil Noto.  The series features, as you might expect, brand new original stories and characters, along with interviews (like the one with Neil Gaiman in this issue).  Don’t forget that you can talk with Steve, Kevin and Phil about their work on this series when they join us at HeroesCon in just a few weeks!

5) Walking Dead vol. 16 TP

One of the chief purposes we have with this column is to remind readers of what’s coming out every week.  Walking Dead fans are currently some of our most avid customers, so it’s worth mentioning this week’s new trade paperback.  New issues and trades of this series always sell out, so if you’re someone who waits for the trade, don’t forget that it debuts this week.

>Bonus Picks of the Week: Avengers vs. X-men #5, World’s Finest #2, Animal Man #10, Swamp Thing #10, Dark Avengers #175, The Secret #2, Dial H #2, Fairest #4 and Earth 2 #2.



May 30, 2012 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Spotlight on New Releases

It’s the last week of May, so you know HeroesCon’s just around the corner!  If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, look no further than right HERE to purchase them.  Now on to the week’s new books.

1) Batman: Death By Design Deluxe Edition

This new graphic novel features the creative team of Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor.  Most of you know Kidd as a designer of books (comic and otherwise), and for his documentation of comics history and merchandise in the books like Shazam: The Golden Age of the World’s Mightiest Mortal.  Dave Taylor is a respected creator who has worked on lots of Batman books (and more) over the years.  Both creators are known for their design sensibilities, so it makes sense that this original graphic novel deals with Gotham City’s architectural boom and the ensuing crimes that plague it.

2) Superman Family Adventures #1

If you were among the many who lamented the ending of the fan favorite all ages title Tiny Titans, this new book’s for you.  Featuring the Tiny Titans creative team of Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani, this one’s a guaranteed top pick for younger readers.  Here’s hoping the creators have another long run on yet another quality all ages title.

3) B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Transformation of J.H. O’Donnell one shot

In an effort to flesh out some of their supporting cast, Mike Mignola and company have been producing some fine mini series of late.  This one shot from Mignola, Scott Allie, Max Fiumara, and Dave Stewart focuses on Professor O’Donnell, one of the agency’s top experts, and how he came to be so knowledgeable about such dark matters.  The addition of artist Fiumara to the current crop of B.P.R.D. talent is a great one.  Some of you might remember him for books like Four Eyes and memorable stints on Amazing Spider-man.

4) Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse HC

Another great all ages title, this one comes courtesy of Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos.  Some of you will remember this one from Archaia’s hardcover Free Comic Book Day title earlier in the month.  The story concerns a ten year old bounty hunter who has to  round up his outlaw family.  What’s more, this hardcover features bonus stories from the likes of Roger Langridge, Colleen Coover, and Atomic Robo’s Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener.

5) Animal Man Annual #1

DC’s been building up to this story in both the Animal Man and Swamp Thing titles.  Jeff Lemire and Timothy Green II finally bring the two characters together to face the horrors of The Rot.  Don’t forget, both Lemire and Swamp Thing scribe Scott Snyder will be on hand for HeroesCon next month, so make sure to pick this one up before then.

>Bonus picks of the Week: Walking Dead #98, Baltimore: The Curse Bells HC, Wolverine and the X-men #11, Kick Ass 2 HC, Star Wars: Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead #2 (just in time for this week’s 35th Anniverary of Star Wars),` Hulk Smash Avengers #5, Rocketeer Adventures 2 #3, RASL #14, and Ravagers #1.



May 22, 2012 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Spotlight on New Releases

1) Batman Incorporated #1

The return of the popular series from Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham should be welcomed by all kinds of Bat fans.  The series picks up where the Batman: Leviathan one shot left off, and will feature Batman and Robin learning more about Leviathan’s plot, and leading up to an inevitable confrontation with the villain.

2) Godzilla #1

A new ongoing Godzilla title kicks off this week courtesy of Duane Swierczynski and Simon Gane.  IDW’s done well with their previous Godzilla titles, and this new series centers on a special forces team going after Godzilla and other monsters in hopes of collecting enormous bounties on each of the creature’s heads.

3) Mind Mgmt #1

If you’ve never read any of Matt Kindt’s comics (like Pistolwhip, Super Spy, Revolver and 3 Story), here’s a chance to start on the ground floor of his new project.  It focuses on a reporter investigating a flight where all the passengers lost their memories.  This leads her to uncover a top secret program involving everything from psychics to talking animals.  In addition to being a talented illustrator (just check out his use of watercolor), Kindt’s a writer with a strong ability to develop and differentiate between characters and their voices.

4) Star Wars: Darth Vader: Ghost Prison #1

Dark Horse offers up another untold tale of Darth Vader and the Emporer in this week’s new miniseries from Haden Blackman and Agustin Alessio.  The series deals with a group of terrorists trying to destroy the new Emporer and his young Darth.  Any new Star Wars comic featuring Darth Vader is sure to move quickly, so if you’re a fan, don’t forget this one during your Heroes trip this week.

5) Uncanny X-force vol. 3 TP

It’s not often that I mention a trade paperback on the spotlight, but Uncanny X-force is one of those titles that almost always sells out in single issue, hardcover and trade printings.  For that reason, it’s worth mentioning that the third volume trade (featuring Book One of the Dark Angel Saga) will be released this week.  Ask around and you’ll hear how this is one of the consistently entertaining X-titles, so pick up a trade if you haven’t already.

>Bonus Picks of the Week: Astonishing X-men #50, Deadpool #55, Ragemoor #3, Flash #9, Aquaman #9, Guild: Fawkes #1, Joe Hill’s The Cape HC, Hulk Smash Avengers #4 and Fantagraphics’ Interiorae TP.