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Heroes welcomes Comic-Book Publishers
Wednesday, February 20: 1PM-3PM

Come celebrate the Valiant’s action-packed comic INCURSION #1 and get a SUPER TOP SECRET look at upcoming comic books from Valiant Entertainment!
Or get your portfolio reviewed by a pro?! Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers, Sales & Social Media Manager Emily Hecht, and Sales & Live Events Manager Julia Walchuk will be at Heroes to offer their insight and advice!!
This is sure to be a fun and insightful look at the world of comics, so don’t miss it!



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karla_staff_picksKARLA’S PICK :: HE-MAN: THE ETERNITY WAR #7: Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know, BIG SURPRISE! My pick for the week is He-Man: The Eternity War #7. That’s almost like me saying, “Hey guys, you know what I REALLY like? BREATHING!! Breathing is AWESOME!!” All obviousness aside, however, I AM picking this issue for a reason other than my true and undying love of all things Masters of the Universe. Issue #7 picks up with a new creative team. Rob David and Dan Abnett take the story-crafting reigns for this arc while Edgar Salazar’s pencils bring a slightly edgier look to the Masters. The changes in artistic style are bold, but not detrimental as the story picks up with Skeletor, She-Ra and Skeletor’s minions trying to find a way to best Hordak now that Evil-Lyn has betrayed them. The story is solid and offers more insight into the current incarnation of Skeletor! There’s also some good moments with Shadow Weaver which made me happy! (I want more Princess of Power characters in my Master’s of the Universe!) The cover by Jonboy Meyers is also worth mentioning because, if you look closely, you can see twisted versions of classic She-Ra characters Madame Razz, Kowl and Glimmer in the mix!

Eternity War 7



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RICO’S PICK :: THE NAO OF BROWN: Glyn Dillon has had quite a career in and out of comics, from being part of the gang of cartoonists who created the fantastic UK magazine Deadline (where he worked on Tank Girl among other things) to various storyboarding gigs for film and television (including Gorillaz) and a bit of work on some early Vertigo comics (Shade the Changing Man, Egypt, & Sandman). But forget about all that. In The Nao of Brown Dillon has created something on his own, rich characters, new worlds (at least 4 in this story that overlap and intertwine). This book contains breath-taking art and story in a beautiful package. I’ll stop before this turns into a full blown book review, this is my favorite book of the year, it’s amazing, you should get it.

There is a great interview between Glyn Dillon and Paul Gravett here if you’d like to read a bit more and see 2 exclusive pages.





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JUSTIN’S PICK :: V FOR VENDETTA BOOK AND MASK SET: Just in time for Halloween, you too can don the mask of everyone’s favorite anarchist dandy (just don’t wear it into the gas station). And to sweeten the deal, you get a copy of Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s masterful tale of poetic terrorism in totalitarian Britain. If you’ve only seen the film adaptation, you’re doing yourself a great disservice; V is truly one of Moore’s greatest accomplishments.

ANDY’S PICK :: V FOR VENDETTA BOOK AND MASK SET: Need a Halloween costume? Need to read one of the best graphic novels ever written (you heard me–EVER!!)?  Well then, look no further and do all your shopping with a single gift set. Vertigo is offering said gift set that includes V for Vendetta the graphic masterpiece written by Alan Moore and gorgeously drawn by David Lloyd along with a beautifully rendered Guy Fawkes mask just like the one worn by Vendetta’s main character V as he attempts to save a future Britain from itself.  Explosives sold separately. The time (to buy) is October 3rd. This is the voice of FATE. Heroesonline prevails!




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Seth’s Pick :: Everything Together GN: If  you’ve ever seen a copy of the excellent anthology Kramer’s Ergot in the store, you have editor Sammy Harkham to thank for it. Not only is he adept at bringing together some of today’s greatest cartoonists for that book, but he’s a fine cartoonist in his own right.  Everything Together collects all of Harkham’s short stories, including must-reads like Poor Sailor and Somersaulting.  There are also bits of satire and musings on Jewish mysticism alongside Harkham’s observations of his life as a cartoonist. I picked this one up when it debuted at the Small Press Expo a few weeks ago, and it definitely warrants a look from you this week.  It’s a fine example of strong storytelling all around.



September 05, 2012 By: Rico Renzi Category: DISCUSS, Spotlight on New Releases, Staff Picks

New books will be on the shelves when we open at 10 AM. Here are just a few of the new releases we’re excited about!

RICO’S PICK :: PRINCE OF CATS GN: Montagues and the Capulets. Samurai swords. Brooklyn. Ron Wimberly draws the hell out of this re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with Tybalt as the lead character. I’ve been looking forward to this book for along time!

ANDY’S PICK :: TEZUKA MESSAGE TO ADOLF GN VOL 01: If you were to combine Lee and Kirby, Neal Adams and Carl Barks and combine them into a single cartooning entity, this amalgam would still not be as influential to the American comic audience as Osama Tezuka is to Japanese Manga. In addition to creating/writing and drawing such long-running series as Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, Black Jack, Phoenix, Buddha and literally dozens of others, Tezuka created Message to Adolf– a fictional tale that takes place during World War II.  This was originally published in the US as a six volume set.  Now Vertical Publishing is offering this ground-breaking series in two affordable hardcover books– the first of which is available this week.  This is a great place to sample the work of Tezuka (or any Manga for that matter) for the first time.   If you are already a Manga fan, I know Adolf is already on your must-buy list.  Message to Adolf is a must-read.

JUSTIN’S PICK :: SAVAGE DRAGON #181: Still my favorite superhero title going today. This issue wraps up a big arc, and who knows what crazy direction Erik Larsen will take it in next? That’s what’s kept me coming back all these years, the unpredictable plot twists. And the fact that the cast ages in real time lets the audience grow with them, to boot. An underrated gem.

MATT’S PICK :: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #693: Its about time Spidey got himself a side-kick!  Yeah, right.  I am not gonna fight it till I’ve tried it for a few issues.  Alpha’s origin story was engaging and entertaining enough.  I’ll paraphrase the Jackal from #692, “…Great power.  Great responsibility.  A teen outcast.  And a science experiment gone awry.  History repeats itself…Parker Particles?  Alpha Energy?!  I gotta get me some a’ that!”

I like how Marvel is shrewd enough to have every hero hatin’ on Alpha – they know readers are gonna have to warm to the concept.  If nothing else, it promises to make for interesting reading for the next few months. Lets see if Dan Slott and Company can get us fan-boys (and girls!) to care about Randy, I mean, Andy Maguire.

HEATHER’S PICK :: HAWKEYE #2: I read Hawkeye #1 at Seth’s insistence and wasn’t really expecting to enjoy it.  My forays into the Avengers are generally short with rapid retreats.  Color me surprised to not only enjoy Hawkeye #1, but to add it to my reading list each month.  David Aja’s art is beautiful, especially his covers, and Matt Fraction is crafting an interesting story about Hawkeye that seems to paint him a little in the vein of a modern day Robin Hood.  The first issue also managed to spin off at least two twitter accounts with @PizzaDog and @LandlordBro.  This issue promises the return of Kate Bishop, who is apparently a fan favorite I will need to learn more about.

SETH’S PICK :: DAL TOKYO: If you’ve heard the name Gary Panter before, you’ve probably heard it mentioned in association with abstract comics.  He’s got a long track record of producing unique works that stretches all the way back to RAW magazine.  Panter’s punk aesthetic suggests a do-it-yourself mentality, but there’s also a poetic element to his writing.  His cartooning is on full display in Dal Tokyo, Fantagraphics’ 200 plus page collection of Panter’s strip originally published in America in the eighties, and later picked up for Japanese publication.  It is an abstract work, and one not easily digested as a straight ahead narrative.  That said, it’s an interesting piece of cartooning and will entertain and confound you in alternating waves.

DOUG’S PICK ::  MANHATTAN PROJECTS TP VOL 1: SCIENCE BAD: There is a LOT that excites me this week- that New Avengersomnibus is going to look sweet on my shelf, I’ve been holding out on Incognito for this week’s hardcover edition, I want to sample a few DC zero issues…and I could go on and on.  The book I am most looking forward to this week is the first Manhattan Projects collection fromJonathan HickmanScience Bad.  Hickman is the Alan Moore of this generation of comic creators; his books are full of big ideas, mad science, well defined characters.  I look forward to any book with his name on it.  Oh yeah, the story has an evil Albert Einstein and something to do with the Manhattan Project.  You probably guessed the latter.




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ANDY’S PICK :: COMICS REVUE PRESENTS AUG 2012: For any of you who have considered delving into the treasure trove of comic strip reprints, Comics Revue is the absolute perfect place to start.  Since 1984, Revue has been publishing healthy chunks of some of the greatest comic strips to ever grace the newspaper comic section. Currently, the all-star line-up includes: Flash Gordon from the 1960s written by the late great Harry HarrisonModesty BlaiseDick Moore’s run on Gasoline AlleyTarzan Sunday pages by Russ Manning! Milt Caniff’s Steve CanyonAlley Oop from the ’40s, Roy Crane’s Buz Sawyer from the early 60s! (it’s still awesome!)  Krazy Kat dailies from the 30s, Secret Agent Corrigan by Williamson and Goodwin and tons more–The Phantom, Latigo, Tarzan dailies, Mandrake the MagicianRick O’Shea and a one of the great under- appreciated humor strips, Sir Bagby!

You don’t need to try this particular issue, any one on the Heroes shelf will do.  It is such an ideal comic anthology.  You will find things you love, things you like a lot and things you can live without.  But once you get a real taste of classic comic strips, the one thing you can’t live without is the bi-monthly dose of Comics Revue.

JUSTIN’S PICK :: INFERNAL MAN-THING #3: The late, great Steve Gerber’s final script gets the royal treatment via fully painted art from modern master Kevin Nowlan. This story is a sequel of sorts to an issue Gerbs wrote during his Man-Thing stint in the 70s, a run that is now regarded as a classic. Pick up these three issues and find out why.

KARLA’S PICK :: PHANTOM LADY #1: This week marks the debut of Phantom Lady #1, the first in a four-part mini-series featuring the Lady herself and her crime-fighting partner Doll Man. Amanda Conner lends her talents to the cover art for this issue, with interiors by the lovely Cat Staggs. I’m excited to see where writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti take this beloved Freedom Fighter and pulp heroine, and though her costume doesn’t look nearly as pin-up as her past incarnations, I’m sure this bombshell won’t disappoint!

HEATHER’S PICK :: Wolverine and the X-men #15: There’s so much to love about this book: Wolverine dealing with a bunch of teenagers, bamfs running amuck through the Jean Grey School and stealing Wolverine’s whiskey all brought to us by Jason Aaron’s excellent sense of humor.  Now we add to that an unlikely friendship between one of my favorite, Broo and Tony Stark.  I’m also excited to see new students are joining the school and looking forward to the resolution of the AVS storylines.  As always, do not feed the bamfs.

RICO’S PICK ::  ALL ACTION CLASSICS No. 4: THE WIZRD OF OZ:  L. Frank Baum’s Classic a seen through the lens of brilliant cartoonist Ben Caldwell, check it out!




August 22, 2012 By: Rico Renzi Category: DISCUSS, Spotlight on New Releases, Staff Picks

ANDY’S PICK :: CAPTAIN EASY HC VOL 03 SOLDIER OF FORTUNE: This is the third of a projected 4 Volume Set that collects all the Classic Captain Easy. Sunday pages from the 30s and 40s; written and drawn by Roy Crane–one of the true masters and innovators of the comic form.  Few artists had the artistic and storytelling chops to take maximum advantage of the full size Sunday comic page and even fewer artists could successfully combine realistic backgrounds with big foot cartoony figures to make some of the most exciting adventure comics of all time. The stories leap off every page, the chases last for weeks on end, the punches lift the fighters right off the floor, and the reader never wants the action to end and it never does because every week is a cliff hanger.  Sure, there are a lot of classic reprints available, but the Captain Easy Sundays is in the small handful of required reading.  No collection of Comic Art (with a capital ‘A’) is complete without it.

DOUG’S PICK ::  Mind MGMT #4: is not your typical comic book- it’s so good even the paper stock is amazing. Shadowy groups, ambiguous allies and even a flight 815 draw many comparisons to TV’s Lost. This sci-fi mystery is moving at breakneck speed with each issue demanding multiple readings.  The main story is of a writer who is investigating a flight where everyone, save one, lost their memories. Writer /artist Matt Kindt uses everything available to immerse you in the story, including the inside covers and margins which give background to the title organization.

HEATHER’S PICK :: JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #12: I was super disappointed when Zatanna’s solo book was absorbed by the New 52 and only grudgingly picked up JL Dark.  I didn’t want a team book, I wanted a female centered superhero book.  Color me surprised when I enjoyed this new team-up and was happy to be introduced to new-to-me characters.  I’ve particularly enjoyed Jeff Lemire’s turn at the storytelling helm as he tackles the House of Mystery and the Books of Magic.  If you enjoy your superheroes with a supernatural twist, don’t miss this one.

RICO’S PICK :: LOBSTER JOHNSON: PRAYER OF NEFERU ONE SHOT: Wilfredo Torres provides art on this self contained Lobster Johnson story. Torres’ talents are well displayed depicting Egyptian motifs, bloated fat cats, and the brilliantly designed neo-pulp protagonist, Lobster Johnson. Arcudi and Mignola always deliver a great ride and Dave Stewart drenches the entire Mignolaverse in pitch-perfect color.

SETH’S PICK :: ROCKETEER: CARGO OF DOOM #1: The best Rocketeer stories will always be ones by his creator, Dave Stevens.  I am, however, really pleased with not only both volumes of Rocketeer Adventures, but also this new four issue mini series from IDW.  Mark Waid is tasked with the writing duties, and he’s made a career out writing characters with a clear and respectful understanding of their place in comics history.  On Thor: The Mighty Avenger and Captain America and Bucky, artist Chris Samnee showed he could tackle innocent adventure stories and period pieces.  More than anything, IDW’s new Rocketeer stories remind us that even if we’ll never be able to see any new art from the late, great Dave Stevens, we can continue to celebrate his legacy with books like this.

BRENT’S PICK :: UNWRITTEN #40: Unwritten has been my favorite series on the racks since it debuted. Easy to pigeonhole as a “Harry Potter” spoof, this thoughtful book left that (admittedly great) jumping off point 30 issues ago. Carey and Gross are crafting a compelling and thoughtful work examining concepts of reality, fiction, history, zeitgeist, and belief. This issue concludes an arc that has seen much of the status quo change for our protagonists. Anything could happen next….!

IZZY’S PICK :: ADVENTURE TIME #7: The reason I chose this book is because I love it!  I like Jake because he is super super funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finn is really cool! Finn’s hat is awesome!!! This book is full of challenges and excitement and adventure!!!! I hope you like this book as much as I will!!!!!!

>BONUS PICKS :: BEFORE WATCHMEN: DR. MANHATTAN #1 (ADAM HUGHES!) & SCALPED #60 (The final issue of Jason Aaron & R.M. Guéra’s fantastic crime comic!)




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New comics are here! We hope you’ve been enjoying our staff picks! Please let us know what books you’re excited about on our Facebook page!

HEATHER’S PICK :: THE MUPPETS #2: Summer’s heat is upon us and just in time for the Summer issue of the Four Seasons mini-series. The Muppets are throwing a beach party to take our minds of the soaring temperatures.  Fozzie has plans of his own as a better offer has him choosing a new troupe over his current comedy partner, Scooter.  Roger Langridge’s storytelling is a sure cure for these dog days of summer.

JUSTIN’S PICK :: BLACK KISS II #1 – Along with his seminal American Flagg!, Black Kiss cemented Howard Chaykin’s reputation in the comics industry. This six-issue black and white miniseries fleshes out (no pun intended) the backstory of the original. Not for children, or the faint of heart, to be sure.

ANDY’S PICK :: MICHAEL KALUTA SKETCHBOOK SERIES SC VOL 02: Most quality sketchbooks cost big bucks, but here you get 48 Over-sized sketchbook pages by Mike Kaluta–one of the greatest comics draftsmen of the past 30 years– for less than Ten bucks!! Just pick it up and look through it.  Guaranteed: you will end up buying Kaluta Sketchbook Volume 1 as well.

SETH’S PICK :: HAWKEYE #1 : I catch a lot of grief from fellow staffers for my unabashed love for Hawkeye. Regardless of what you think of the character, it’s worth pointing out that this series marks the return of the Matt Fraction/David Aja creative team. Their Immortal Iron First series still stands up after a few years, and they should offer up a worthwhile take on the Avenging Archer.

KARLA’S PICK :: THE BOYS #69: Okay, I’m going to let you in on one of my dirty secrets, I LOVE The BOYS by Garth Ennis. Albeit, maybe it’s not for everyone, but you cannot deny that Mr. Ennis knows how to tell a good story, and he’s not afraid to give you a story line that leaves you saying, “What?! They can’t do that! They’ve gone too far!!” Garth let’s you know, oh yes…they can, they did and they’re gonna keep going until no one’s left.

Next week’s release is issue #69, which is certain to be a big game changer for most of the characters. If you read issue #68, you know that no one and nothing is sacred. Issue #69 is sure to be nail-biter for fans of the series and, with only three issues remaining, I would expect nothing less.

RICO’S PICK :: BEAST OF BURDEN: NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH ONE SHOT: Heroic Dogs (and a cat) protecting their turf from spooky unknown forces! Evan Dorkin gives these characters an uncommon richness with his writing and it’s all beautifully illustrated in watercolor by Jill Thompson. If you haven’t tried Beasts of Burden yet you should give this affordable collection a look. (This book collects 3 stories from the anthology, Dark Horse Presents)

>BONUS PICKS :: The First X-Men #1, Mind MGMT #3, RASL #15, Thief of Thieves #7, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1









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Every week Heroes staff members and friends of the store will choose a book they are excited about to share here on the blog. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what books you are looking forward to here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! Thanks, over to you Heather! -rico.

HEATHER’S PICK :: THE MUPPETS #2: Summer’s heat is upon us and just in time for the Summer issue of the Four Seasons mini-series. The Muppets are throwing a beach party to take our minds of the soaring temperatures.  Fozzie has plans of his own as a better offer has him choosing a new troupe over his current comedy partner, Scooter.  Roger Langridge’s storytelling is a sure cure for these dog days of summer.